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  • MirthmakerMirthmaker ✭✭✭✭

    It means wait on it. Like a lot of other things, this is on hold.

  • La medalla se debería mantener, no han implementado nada en mucho tiempo. Pusieron la medalla de scout controller sabiendo lo de la pandemia y ahora quieren quitar una medalla que da lo mismo?

    Si quieren hacer eso implementen la medalla del Dronenet. Que por algo está ahí y hacen tanto evento de el.

  • They should reconsider the medal, because it is already created, many were thinking about playing because there was a medal, in one way or another many are going to take advantage of double the AP and in the same way they are going to leave their homes, an option for those agents who do not can go out and want to get the medal would be the job of doing certain amounts of hacks with the drone.

  • Un evento sin medalla? Es un poco injusto cambiarlo ahora ....

  • Do we get to buy an EOS medal with some VRLAs instead?

  • Thank you, Niantic.

    This event sounds great and I hope to participate in it or something like it in the future, but I think this is the right call.

  • Seriously?🤔 They changed the plans?

    No matter!! In that case, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!

    And thank you, @NianticBrian for everything!!!!

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    Its not all over the world. Its a relatively small number of countries.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not true. Australia and many countries has zero covid community transmission.

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    Wow, so no more fun badges to s-h-o-o-t for.

    Phase 1 that starts on a Monday, ends on a Tuesday, meaning only one weekend of double AP (boo!).

    • Double AP (Apex will stack (Apex's always stack) on top of this Temporary Boost, meaning 4X AP) -- Hmm, AP Whoring time.
    • Double deploy L8 Resonators --
    • Double deploy Portal Mods (up to 4 Mods per Agent per Portal) -- able to deploy 4x SBUL's for fan fielding.

    Phase 2 is useless to anyone aiming for double AP. and covers two weekends. Thanks for that one heavy sarcasm

    • flood of new portal images waiting to be reviewed (I'm still waiting to hear back on images I submitted last December, then again, still waiting on edits, portal deletions, ect from more than a year ago, soo...this is gonna be interesting.)
    • Halve Dronenet to 30 minutes (ie farm from your couch)
    • Double Recon Credit in Wayfarer (ie sit on your couch and review poi's)
    • Double AP for resonator upgrades (Seriously? Why not just deploy resonators and get the same AP, not to mention the capture and final resonator bonuses? so many grey portals everywhere you go...)
    • Double Portal Scan Limit (good luck little lemmings)
    • Earn 500 AP for each Portal Scan successfully uploaded (be prepared for people complaining about losing their uploads when it hangs or doesn't work properly, also good luck little lemmings)

    Phase 3 is for fan fielding/flip/re-throw. and of course covers two weekends...

    The whole purpose for this overall "event" has been taken away it seems.

    Get our hopes up, then knock it back down. I was actually excited about Ingress for once when I saw the announcement. A little upset that some others wouldn't get to participate, but I figured that there would be something built in for those who couldn't go out..

    Really unsure why after we just had a 10 minute per hack Dronenet thingie, you didn't build in something to do with the Drones for part of some global event that EVERYONE could safely do from their couches. Someone at Niantic really missed the mark on that one.

    • Re: Portal Scanning - Someone at Niantic show me how this will be integrated into Ingress (proof of concept in an Ingress Scanner). Without that, I have zero belief that it will be added to Ingress.
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