Alignment Shifts in the Magnus


Incoming tips regarding a shift in alignments.

Would she be the first of a series to come?




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    Personally, I don't like what is going on, here is my hot take:

    As far as I know, the XM is the next step in human evolution, and their use should be widespread, that is the base of the ENL faction. However, we have seen since they left the bubble a different mindset. These researchers are trying to gain back their sensitivity because they liked the power, they do it for their own sake.

    In contrast, Jarvis, as stated in his manifesto, shows that XM should be used collectively, it has a more broader meaning than OLW and Misty Hannah. In my opinion, they will try to launch a coup d'etat just to overthrow Jarvis or at least **** him. Now that the exos have been shown to be "against" mankind, his relevance and credibility as leader has fallen.

    Perhaps this is the schism that I wrongly spoke in Calvin's speech (Lightman spoke about it first). The standard symbol is portraited by Roland Jarvis which supports his manifesto (now to be redefined) and the other one who has "discover" + "self" where it shows a more individual perspective compared with Jarvis.

    On top of that, I suspect that Misty Hannah helped ADA to escape from Wendy's body, I believe that the loss of Sensitive's powers had to do with ADA's great escape. The Resistance goal was to prevent mankind to benefit from XM because they feel skeptic about it (due to Shapers) . Without XM, no fields can be generated or mantained, so the minds cannot be longer influenced.

    Hence we find here the schism within the Resistance faction, Stuart Lightman said that perhaps the division was to accept or reject the N'Zeer, but I believe this is wrong and just shows the acceptance or rejection of XM. Hannah said that the ideology of the Resistance is shifting and they are pursuing human augmentation by just using XM.

    Now that I see this, I understand why Jarvis said that technology may **** creativity, it's obvious we need creativity to develop new technology, however I think he refers to "Technological solutionism", in other words, the technology by itself won't be able to solve social inequality and only an elite will benefit from it. You can see it nowadays, the technology and knowledge is really advanced from the previous century, but we have not solved yet any problems, on top of that, our quality of life is getting worse, This is because of the nature of these problems are complex and multifactorial and cannot be solved by just using technology per se, we need creativity.

  • Given that "Resistance" was to the signal from the (supposed) "Shapers" within XM, the removal of any exogenus entities guarantees that the Resistance has no fundamental justification for opposing widespread XM distribution.

    We have been affected by XM since the days of the Queen of Sheeba, and probably for our whole history, and attempting to stop it now is simply superstitious nonsense. Like discovering the oxygen molecule and holding your breath until you work out what it does.

  • As she may be changing sides, from RES to ENL, is there a probability that one, or a few ENL aligned switch to RES? We saw plenty of contradictions and struggles from researchers during the Nemesis campaing, as @Truthseeker foresaw, it could be the first to many shifts.

    @Truthseeker , please, supply us with any information that you might stumble into!

    Regards and stay safe!

  • ...or discovering radiation, using it excessively without knowing much more than it's powerful and shiny and realizing what a colossal mistake it's careless use was.

  • That was not the argument given by the Resistance, but sure, if that's your new one.

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