Mystery Delivery

Truthseekers: This was dropped at where I was staying several hours ago. My whereabouts being compromised is concerning, but the content is interesting. Who sent this to me and what could this mean?


#1 note to self...

So far, these words have been identified on the calendar:

Remote, Rest, Read, Rejuvenate, Recall, Reconfigure, Respect, Reflect, Revitalize, Regain, Revive, Refrain, Remember, Relay, Revalation, Repeat, Repetition, Rewrite, Retold, Resonate, Reboot, Revert, Relate, Rely, Reembody.

#2 note to self

P1 - P4 have all been found. Supposedly that would be all...but those piece looks far from what the restored version looked like.

#3 note to self


Numerous songs with the same name.

#4 some crafting with the Media found from the Network.

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