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    This is more or less what I was trying to articulate in my post early on in this thread. OG players have like 50 badges newer players will never get. The game needs to evolve to stay alive. You’re gonna be okay if Timmy down the street gets ONE badge a little easier than you did...

  • Do note that trekker wasn't a badge from the start.

    Though unlike Engineer, it was a stat that was tracked from about October 2013. So we had KMs long before the badge.

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    Do you people not want your distance walked accurately calculated? I don't want to walk 5km while playing and only have 1km counted because "reasons". The purpose of trekker is to encourage walking, therefore it should be counted accurately. Before active sync, the calculation is haphazard and completely inaccurate as the field tests proved last year.

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    i hate to walk with kinetic and u lose almost 1km of whatever uwalk... why? so yes i want adventure sync, i use it every week to track my walk distance in pogo... and its always higher then what ingress tracked end of week....

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    Why not just change the tiers of the badge ? People will lose the onyx for a time but will get it back eventually. So trekker can still be "hard" to grind and our distance accurately tracked. I don't mind losing my recently obtained trekker if I know I'll get it back later.

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    I think we can get new medal how many Kinetic Capsule we complete when health in stats have it now.

  • I have a feeling that they will repurpose Trekker to count Active Sync steps - I do not have Onyx, so sure this will help me in theory, but really I'd rather get the medal legit. Pogo players may remember Ace Trainer, and how it was a true OG medal of which we could be proud for so very long...until they lumped in "team leader" battles as Training, and every new kid got gold. I like getting medals, sure, but always enjoy them solely as a reflection of the effort I put in. Trekker with Active Sync just wouldn't be as impressive.

  • The only 'real' perks of getting to 16 are:

    • Extended recharge range - 2000km up to 4000km.
    • Bigger XM pool - Up to 22,000 from 10,000.
    • Advanced size of Hypercube store - Which didn't exist when they added new levels.

    And Recursion provides no benefits except for the cosmetic display.

    New levels would have had little to no real difference compared to recursion.

  • Oooooh you soooooo wrong!

    The trekker badge was not implemented to encourage walking, it was implemented to find out spoofers. The phone needs to "feel" your footsteps. 😊

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    trekker is also to reward players for walking which is how this game is designed to be played, those that play alot with car will get less credit on that badge. but spoofers just simulate walking so they get credit either way but i dont think they care...

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    Do you have a quote from Naintic that supports that? Otherwise, I'll stick with the most obvious explanation that it was added to promote walking. I also don't think Niantic intended the badge to be difficult to level up. But because the way distance was (inaccurately) calculated, it became difficult.

  • I believe you are equating a side-effect of the badge as the reason it was implemented. It was definitely NOT implemented to root out spoofers. Badges are awarded as achievements for your efforts and actions in game, and nothing else.

    But, it certainly does raise suspicion if you encounter accounts that have visited hundreds or thousands of portals with less than 10km walked.

  • but trekker badge is not difficult. one of the simplest. simpler only recharger and translator

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    It was true back then because a lot of people saw the issue when going for Innovator (Year 2 badge). You either had to approach badges in groups of two: linking and fielding or capturing portals along with unique portals.

    I was glad when they added Spec Ops, Trekker, and Engineer as a result of the Year 2 badge.

  • I was annoyed that I was forced to 16 by Innovator. I'd have preferred to have finished the climb properly, but I was 15 with 43 million AP and 10k hacks left for Plat Hacker when they announced the badge would cause levelling, two weeks before it was awarded.

    For the other badges that came later, I don't begrudge anyone their own method to 16. And if Active Sync encourages someone to get more energetic, that's one of the goals of Niantic overall, so be it.

  • Trekker should be retired. You can imagine what will happen when you take a look at PoGo. You can easily gain thousands of kilometers by cheating adventure sync, for example through cheating apps or phone swings.

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    Why not just retire the whole game because there are people who cheat?

    Edit: this is regarding the post above mine

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    I've played with Prime and Redacted for the same amount of time roughly, and 2000/2400km were done on Redacted. Prime is too heavy to keep in foreground all the time on iOS, and prior to the recent fix was dreadful with tracking.

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    Double post

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