[BUG] Duplicating quantum capsules

Just a little while ago, I went into my app to check if my First Saturday badge incremented, and suddenly I was 1600 items over the inventory limit. Now, I found this a little odd, considering I was at 1962 items when I got home from work yesterday. I dug into my inventory and discovered the reason - APPARENTLY, all of my quantum capsules had somehow duplicated, and all of the items inside those capsules with them. I had over 2000 L8 bursters alone, I restarted the app and the glitch cleared up, but I thought I should document it here.

There was some interesting science potential that I regret not investigating. What would have happened if I dropped a duplicated capsule onto the map? Would it have persisted as I restarted my app? Now we will never know.



  • Had it happen today with 1 capsule..

    Had bad lag during some cap drop pickups and ended with 2 identical caps.

    Emptied both and had 88 free items

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