Ezekiel Calvin, NIA internal speech

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Edit: it seems that PAC now has posted this info in the forum directly. Here's the thread:



I don't know why this was shared by PAC only in the Essex Telegram group instead of making it available to all the truthseekers using a platform that is available to all of us (like, I don't know, a forum, perhaps?). So here you have it:

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    Thank you for sharing this to the rest of the agents, not everyone is on Essex. The text is really interesting and may explain some consequences about what's to come.

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    If anyone needs a translation into Russian, it is already ready.


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    That's great! I can't wait to see what his thoughts are, in the meantime, the rest of truthseekers can also share theirs here if they want.

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    But, do you think he acted like this because he was in danger? Just in a rush? Running away or hiding from someone? Avoiding using NIA technology (not sure if the forums are NIA tech)? I find it quite suspicious that he only reaches out to a handful of agents. He could have shared it here perfectly and give his thoughts later 🤔

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    And just in case someone want's to join, just contact any of the admins found at @OperationEssex on Telegram. No requirements needed, it's just a messure to keep spam bots out :)

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    handful of agents

    I wouldn't call a group of 650 agents a "handful" 😉

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    I believe he shared to the chat of over 600 truthseekers cause he knew it would get here. :)

    Pac is always on the run from something or to something. He likely found a rabbit hole and wanted to explore it but gave us something to follow him along the way. Theres a lot of questions that come with this, like if we are truly cut off from all exogenous, which I believe we arnt, why are we still getting glyphs. Theres something more going on and I think PAC wanted to show us that while he comes to his own conclusions on it, which I'm certain he will post about.

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    I obvs don't have access to the numbers, but I'm quite sure that we are a handful of agents if you compare it to the agents using the forums.

    Anyway, I was just worried about the situation he may be in that caused him to post there and not here.

    And out of over 600 agents I was the one posting the info here (which was shared there around 06:20 UTC, btw) because I thought all of us should know about it. I was not attacking Essex if that's what you think, he was the one who chose where to share it, as well as he chooses to talk in private with some agents of Essex instead of giving insight here about Dr. Wright, for example.

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