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What sort of creative and unite swag do you have for prizes at your local FS events?

Here in Melbourne we used to have a 3D printed golden resonator but now we've got laser cut wooden medals. I'll post a pic once I get enough points to do so



  • I've won a handful of 3D-printed portal keys. Those are pretty cool : ) I'd love to have laser cut medals here in the US.

    What I don't like is when the prizes are random items that just happen to be blue or green. Some of them still have dollar store receipts from that morning taped to them ><

  • I’ve got magnets and poker chips to hand out as well as goodie bags for prize winners with embroidered patches and a gift card to a local business. On top of that I’ve hit an nl1331x kit to give away to a random attendee. May RNG be on their side.

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    I was thinking of doing 3D printed keys with NFC in them with Location date and Name of portal used in the FS. Kinda like an Amiibo from Nintendo.

    Only recently got my 3D printer so still working everything out.

    I have also seen some Wooden Medals that someone in Melbourne had and they looked wiched wish I could make them.

  • @Delenca ooo!!! that's so cool!! I love that idea!

  • wow! They look awesome!

  • @vidicon That really looks nice. Also brainstorming on something nice. I think a memory for everyone that is attenthing is really nice. Too bad those button machines are not that cheap would be nice to design some more buttons.

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    @Noeky1980 There are a lot of places online that will print buttons pretty cheaply. I've been really happy with StickerMule for both buttons and stickers, but there are lots of other options.

  • I know that Biocards are not that popular outside Europe and Asia, but here in Germany at most FS events every participant gets a specially designed card.

    That's not really creative or unique, but there is a big collector scene which is always happy about new cards.

  • It could be cool to have some type of collectable card for FS events like people like Button pins. Even to the extent of making tradable cards like some Cosplay people do.

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    @Delenca Well, in fact I've designed cards for several FS events in my local area. I would show you some examples, but right now I cannot upload any pictures to this forum.

    I always try to show something that is specific for the city that hosts the FS, and combine it with Ingress symbolism.

  • @Schrammschramm Should be able to link to Imgur or something like it shouldn't you.

    Is there a template you can get or did you just design it all yourself?

    It could be cool to see some to try and make some examples up see if people like them.

  • @Delenca Sorry, I cannot do anything useful in this forum. If you want some examples, please contact me on TG with my IGN.

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    At the last couple of FS I've been to in the UK one of the players has made a load of 3D printed medal badges. They're really cool and also encourage players to keep going to local FS (in order to collect them all!)

  • @silverkali That sounds nice. I was looking at using wood in a 3D printer for medals to see how viable making those types of collectables is.

    @Schrammschramm So it seems you need to reach level 2 on the Forums to post links which sucks which is 50 points from lights and Insights.

    I wish they would run it off your Agent level instead. But the Embed button appears to work with images and possibly even videos.

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    @xMhysa Until you hit level 2 your best bet is to do the little cheats to make it not appear as a link.

    Like this example.


  • I make all kinds of things for IFS prizes when I'm one of the hosts, and sometimes when I'm just attending. I have an embroidery shop and a lot of people love the First Saturday hats I make. I've made scarves, beanies, baseball caps, and patches. Patches, patches, patches! I have also made t-shirts for hosts as thank you gifts for hosting when I've had to travel a distance.

    I'm looking into getting a 3D printer so that I can make small trinkets and charms. Patches are nice, but I can't keep handing out the same thing every time. Plus, it gets boring to make the same thing all the time. I like a challenge.

  • With help of some Javascript I managed to put this link on my last posting. I will add some Biocard examples there.

  • Forget the link above, take this one.

    Sorry, but restrictions on this forum are really bad.

  • @EldrenCoralon Just curious: The things you make for FS are not really cheap. Do you give them away for free, or are you selling them?

  • @Schrammschramm I just give them away locally. Not really fair to host a First Saturday and then ask people for money for swag. Strikes me as hitting below the waist.

  • @cluelessness They look amazing I wish I was able to make some like it.

  • Helsink Finland FS has "challenge cup trophy" for top AP agent of the winning side.

    If you win it and claim it, you will bring it to next FS and so forth.

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    I made pins for a FS, but in the US, had problems finding sites that would do a small order of multiple different designs. I ended up having to use Shutterfly for the individual pins (i.e. most km walked) and used StickerMule for orders of 50+ same design xfac pins. Can't post an image, but they were fun and well received.

  • Have you seen this?


  • yep, we've created a new discussion for the competition here:


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    I bought some 3D printed busters from some people in Taiwan who make Ingress swag. Can't attach images so I can't post a picture. I also bought some other random swag items from the same group of swag makers.

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