[INTEL Error Message] Your account is currently suspended from Ingress.



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    Regarding being on edge — you and me both. Sympathies. I apologize if my frivolous speculation is making you more tense; I’ll cut it out.

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    As stated, easily sideloaded. And the current jailbreak detection is pretty easily bypassed as well. ( not jailbroken as I’m currently locked out of the intel map :/ )

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    They’re a welcome distraction. It’s not like this thread is going to have this issue sorted when niantic chooses to remain absent.

    Someone even disagreed with that post, funny enough.

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    same here iOS 14.0 then 14.0.1 now. Many copy past as answer to my appeals from niantic...

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    Greetings and salutations. Have a seat.

    14.0.1, but yeah, me too. Updated as it fixes the widgets.

  • I got so frustrated about this I started to take it out on my family. Left all ingress chats and trying to take a break. Still hoping for the appeal, but not counting on anything.

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    Well, it’s a matter of perspective. First of all, it’s just a “strike”. Basically even if it was at all warranted, you’d need two more to have your account terminated.

    Second, hang in there man. Calm down, in the end it’s just a game. It’s not like you are not able to play the game at all. I’m sure it’ll get sorted out at some point.

  • i know the feeling of how frustrating this is. It's pretty upsetting when you poured so much time into a game and played it fairly. The game was really slow before the quarantine/lock down and now it's slow to the point where i generally was losing interest in the game. This lack of transparency and coming up IFS, this is pretty frustrating. IFS normally has puzzle with intel? not that i much good at it, i still tired to help.

  • There were multiple, moving pieces related to our efforts to address abuse that happened at or around the same time, and I hear you that it has been frustrating without quick and clear communication. It took time for us to investigate what happened and why, and I prioritized trying to get that info and identify a resolution path. I'll do my best to confirm that we let Agents know we're aware and investigating high-priority issues more promptly in the future.

    Additionally, I'll try and clarify our messaging from yesterday, posted here:

    In one group, some Agents incorrectly received a first strike on their accounts. Not every Agent who updated to iOS 14 was affected; however, this did affect Agents on iOS 14. We have since identified what happened, this strike has been cleared, and as of yesterday those Agents should be able to use both the Ingress app and Intel Map.

    In another group, some Agents also received a first strike, and upon review these first strikes remain, but the warning message that should be displayed when starting the Ingress app isn't currently showing on Ingress 2.55.1. Because of this, these Agents can't review or accept the warning message, shown as part of the three-strike policy. The fix to display this warning message to Agents who've received a first strike should be coming in the next Ingress update, 2.56.2, which we're targeting to begin rolling out next week.

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    What was the cause for the strike that stands?

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    Though there is still a lack of clarity surrounding this topic, I very much appreciate your post and opening this communication :)

  • I have played and lived with ingress for more than 7 years. (I recently celebrated 7 years as L8 agent)

    It's not just a game for me.. I think I deserve more than a strike without ever knowing how to avoid getting another one. I'm totally clueless about what I might have done to trigger a strike.

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    Agent can update to IOS 14 when Prime 2.56 relese without strike and run Prime and intel normal? Way Prime 2.55 get no access to Intel Map? All agents with the Prime bug get 1 real strike on accout or they can ignore it and only see strike message with 2.56 and never get strike on account?

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    Just wait like 2 or 3 days and there will maybe be an announcement posted somewhere about what might have happened. Kind of like the clarity we were told we might get on the erroneous bans a week or two ago.

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    @NianticBrian Agents get real strike on accout or Niantic never get real strike when Niantic do wrong with Prime not agets?

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    I'm guessing people that had the COMMS ban lifted had the strike removed, even if the intel ban is still in place. The intel ban remaining sounds like another bug.

    In the "3 Strikes Policy" it states the following (posted below). It appears that the COMM ban is part of the Strike 1 discipline, so if the strike is removed, COMM access should be restored, which is what I'm seeing many cases of.

    Strike 1: Warning

    Disciplinary actions:

    If this strike is issued, you will see a warning message in the Ingress app informing you that we have detected a violation on your account. You must acknowledge this warning in the Scanner each time you access Ingress before you can continue playing Ingress. This warning will also prevent you from communicating with other Agents via COMM during this period


    This will last for approximately 7 days. After this period, your gameplay experience and access to COMM will be fully restored. Any further violations will result in additional escalated punishments. You will not receive another warning.  

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    @NianticBrian can you please check with the team if a lift of comm ban also should have removed intel-ban but something went wrong?

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    @NianticBrian If this is the case, please let us know ASAP! Please don't wait 3 days for the team to fix it before telling us anything. #BetterCommunication

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