In App Purchase Ideas - From Prime Reddit Feedback

As mentioned in another thread, way back before there were Community Forums, Prime feedback was delivered via Reddit. One of the big threads there was posted after Niantic tried to sell X8s in the store and was thoroughly dis-incentivized to do to so by the community.

Reddit Thread

Below is a rough compilation of those ideas, broken into 5 categories:

  • Dev Required, Single/Limited Purchase - These ideas are of limited revenue because once purchased they do not continue to generate revenue per player. Often the development cost of them exceeds the revenue generation.
  • Dev Required, Recurring Purchase - These ideas generate higher amounts of revenue because of repeat purchases but still require an expenditure of development to implement. Over time the effective ones would recoup the cost.
  • Minimal Dev Required, Single/Limited Purchase - These ideas would not require much development to implement (presumably) as they are minor tweaks. But as they are single or limited purchases, would not generate as much revenue.
  • Minimal Dev Required, Recurring Purchase - The most effective revenue generating ideas, as they require minimal development to implement (presumably), but result in repeat purchases.
  • Other - Non-game or non-revenue generating ideas.

Omitted is the references to the subscription and things that were already implemented like the Apex boost.

Dev Required, Single/Limited Purchase

  • Charging Station - a key locker, except that it would have a "charge all" button.
  • Skins - Recolor items by faction (or other), Stats page recolor, client skins
  • New version of the Scanner / Pay to disable graphics.
  • Voice/Sound Packs - Morgan Freeman, Pacman
  • Vault - a sellable, world-droppable, self-pickup-only item with storage capacity that can increase with additional purchase.
  • Lockers for other item types. - Don't take up inventory space.
  • Glyph locked capsule - no game field expiry time.
  • Capsule that converts group of items into a few other items.
  • Super customisable client with hundreds of options for configuration.
  • Avatar plus clothing/skins.
  • Smart keylockers - keys can be used for linking and recharging, but don't count to inventory.
  • Pet beacon that follows you around.
  • Player Name Icons - Visible anywhere your name is.
  • Boosts Capsule - Holds boosts and beacons and removes them from inventory
  • Private Comm channels
  • Souvenier Key Capsules
  • Capsule Skins
  • Permanent Quantums with higher replication (not droppable)
  • Role specializations that affect how your game plays (hacker, destroyer etc)
  • Charity badges.

Dev Required, Recurring Purchase

  • Custom Events (significant dev required) - The Battle Beacon will be a low complexity version of this, assuming it's sold.
  • Loadable or Chargable XM Cube
  • Training Shards + Targets
  • Time Limited Scanner Mods - Ability to change the scanner with a mod that expires after 1 month, e.g. extra XM, personal heat sink.
  • Challenge activators - e.g. Microfielding challenge, starburst challenge, layering challenge, unique hacks challenge.
  • Field logo painters
  • Short period visibility of player in scanner (player choice to activate)
  • Calling Cards - Items to drop in location with agent name.
  • Missing Badge Rearranger - Swap two mission badges or move 1 badge per purchase.
  • Remove mods from friendly portal.
  • 30 minute 'auto-P8'
  • Flipcard protection item.
  • Resonator extension kit - Makes all resonators 40m wide.
  • Capsules that last on the ground for 2 days.
  • Ability to drop a capsule at a portal you have a key for.
  • Decrypting Module - reduces number of glyphs required to succeed at a portal hack (10 minutes, use on portal, like fracker)
  • Booby Trap Mod - disables attacker?
  • Stealth Mode - Item that hides all actions in COMM
  • Replicators - Walk to replicate items, single or count limited use.
  • Badge for giving Niantic money.
  • Fracker for keys or cubes only.
  • More beacons
  • Fracker equivalent that 'auto-glyphs'.
  • Advanced frackers that add mod effects during duration.
  • Beacons that increase XM output.
  • Personal playing field with guest list.
  • Unlimited R1s for time period.
  • Convert filled capsule to passcode - can be given to another agent.
  • Ad Hoc Portal - Limited timespan.
  • Intel API subscription
  • Third faction mode
  • Anomaly Cold Storage Locker (Gear can only go in before/during anomaly, and be removed after, to clear inventory for anomaly hacking)
  • Decoy Frackers
  • Portal sponsorship - Name appears somewhere on portal display.
  • New Mods - Max outbound links, increased decay
  • Pay to skip a waypoint or portal in a mission.

Minimal Dev, Single/Limited Purchase

  • Increased Storage

Minimal Dev, Recurring Purchase

  • Short Term Soujourner Protection - Drones make this relatively irrelevant.
  • "Spree packs" of low level gear - Resonators/CHS/XMPs
  • Sell VRLAs
  • 1 AP.
  • More boost items like Apex, but for cheaper XM of actions, increased hack output, auto-recycler, no-key hacks, more key hacks, auto-recharge nearby portals, action radius expansion.


  • Ability to upgrade mods.
  • Don't give rechargers badges.
  • Cool down timers.
  • Give players CMU for in game actions.
  • Real world swag.
  • Make game playable
  • Biocards
  • Pokemon Go+ button for Ingress hacking.
  • Stats API with paid subscription.
  • Live support.
  • Public agent profile on website.
  • Fast track portal submissions.
  • Increased mission creation limit.

Note: I am not endorsing any of these ideas (some I absolutely hate), but posting a rough transcription from that thread.


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