Erroneous automatic ban of players



  • Since they're in the EU, have them file a GDPR request from Niantic and see if they can get their account data with ban reasons. This has worked for false bans in other video games and proving them false.

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    I don't want to give you any shocks... but RachelLara spent much of 2017 and 2018 using 8 accounts drawn from other retired players, to rebuild her home portal at 2am. Guaranteed that account has trace markers for other users, including one spoofer who was banned in 2017 and spent a lot of time at her place.

    The fact that she's being banned again now (because she's already been 'permanently banned, reversed on begging') is simply a catch up of paperwork.

    This is why when you defend people instead of them speaking themselves, it's always more questionable.

  • She spoke for herself in the locations she still has access to. I'm not sure you're aware, with a ban you lose access to the forum. I was asked to forward relevant messages for those I trust.

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    Sure. Since I was the one who blew up the portal, watched it get rebuilt on a week day at 2am, reported, and saw her banned...

    This is not convincing data. If she claims she never cheated... she's lying.

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    I can't speak to the account you reference. The two in my OP, however, I'd wager my own account on.

    Honestly, the number of times people have said that and then been embarrassed by the actual account holders admissions... I would never make that statement in earnest.

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    I don't doubt that Niantic may have enacted a new detection method. And likely a number of people have been banned in a short period, after reviews of the past three years of their game logs.

    What I doubt is that the vast majority of them are false positives.

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    I wish Niantic could shed more light on this matter. I wish there were safeguards in place to prevent such a thing.

    From what I'm hearing about other accounts, it seems to be a retroactive banning of people who were using multiple accounts or backpacks.

    We've been asking for that for years. But it would be nice to hear from someone like @NianticBrian or @NianticCasey about what they've been doing even in general terms.

  • I was hit with a false ban after not signing in for several months. Because of the ban, I can no longer log in to Wayfarer, or monitor anything relating to that with my Pokemon Go account (still active). I appealed the ban and got the 10 minute auto reply of "**** off the ban stands". I requested my account be deleted, thinking I may be able to access wayfarer if the banned ingress account was gone. Received a quick "not deleting the account" email.

  • Dr4gn4ta and greenmagus got the ban hammer? about time...

  • Of course they don’t. Simply read glassdoor review on them.

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    If your account is banned, you can't post on the forums. So is this you admitting to multiple accounts?

  • No? It asked me to log in, and asked me if I wanted to use facebook or google. Hit my google account, and it logged me in. That's my first post on the forums.

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    Hmmm that is not how it usually works. Is this the same name as the account that was banned?

  • Doesn't shock me one bit that Niantic is messing up. They boot good players, while spoofers, and people confirmed to be using backpack accounts are getting away without even any actions against them. We have one here in SLC that's been caught red handed with backpack accounts open, and they've done absolutely nothing to stop him.

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    Think so, although honestly it's been long enough that it might have been a different google account? I've only ever had one game account, I think it was on this Gmail. Pretty sure it was?

    This is the same gmail account I got the ban email from, so I'm fairly sure the two are one and the same.

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    That is so weird. Well, good luck! I hope all can get resolved for everyone.

  • Yeah, I honestly don't care about my own account, like I said, I haven't played for a long time. I'm mostly just curious how it could possibly have gotten flagged for ToS violation when it's not even been on a device or in-use for so long. Never did any spoofing or anything even back when I played, closest I got to cheating was one of those glyph-trace programs that let you hack more easily and was kinda a gray zone, as I recall. But as I say, that's been years. I'm honestly just curious now.

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    Niantic will never say.

    You could request a copy of all the data they have on you, that may give you a clue (but it could take up to a month to get it).

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