Speed fielding challenge: 89 fields, 20 minutes, 4.5 fields/min

As an effort to revive Ingress in our city, a couple players and I together brainstormed several challenges to make Ingress interesting again. One of which is the speed fielding challenge. Rules: 

1. 30 minutes max; 15 minutes min (pop those Apexes)

2. If less than 30 minutes, calculate the number of fields per minute

3. First link starts the timer (outside of that you can prep however you want)

4. No flip cards: final field count at the end of the session

5. Provide screenshots of start and an end with time as proof 

My attempt (pilot):

- Toronto, ON, Canada

- 89 fields in 20 minutes: 4.5 fields per minute

- Start 12:57 pm; end 1:17pm

- 35 portals used

- Planned ~200 keys 

- 2 hours prep time 

- Biked

I am interested to see how others will approach this challenge. Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions? Will you try it?

More screenshots:


  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    nicee work, haha. my max was 76 fields on 30 min with apex. but some links where already made and i farmed keys before. I did by bike and on foot . longest link 600 m.

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    Wow!!! How did you do it? Did you choose a high portals density area?

    I also farmed the keys and deployed beforehand to prepare for this "challenge" because I wanted to maximize linking time!

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    it's the usual field that i've made many times, let's say i know it by heart in the meantime 😂

    It's nice quick boost to your AP if u can't spend much time on ingress ^^

  • Nice!! I have a number of locations that I know by heart also. Unfortunately they were not optimal for this challenge. If you ever try it again, please do make a post about it! I'd love to hear how other agents strategize based on their locations.

    Agreed! Play smarter, not harder! A few agents are also thinking of doing a speed hacking challenge. If we come up with enough ideas... Ingress Olympics 2021 😂

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    20 portals on 100 square meters (the parc). mostly used fanfield for portals in the parc. then some outter portals. (unfortunatley one just got removed so 13 fields less 😭) linking to / from the outer portals from/to the parc, linked with the biggest fields first technique :p . I made sure i made the longest links first so i don't need the furtherst portal.

    But one got removed , i'll have to redesign a bit :p

  • Neat concept. Does putting a baseline in part of the preperation?

  • Yes, one of the constraints is that first link starts the timer.

    However, this concept is still very much new, and these constraints are just references and could be modified if deemed too challenging as more agents try it.

  • 90 fields in less than 10 minutes

    field and end time (17:58)


    start time (17:48)

  • Unionville, ON, Canada

    104 fields in 25 minutes: 4.16 fields per minute (including the baselink)

    (Excluding the baselink would jump to 4.95 fields per minute)

    Start time 8:50am; End time: 9:15am

    Prep: about 2 hours

    We have a lovely little Main Street with lots of interesting things to see so there’s a good string of portals to use very close to each other. The fielding was all done by bicycle. I must have been a little excited as my first and last split field opportunities missed a field.   Longest time between portals was from throwing the base link to the 1st in the spine, about 4 minutes. Might consider driving that if doing it again and biking from there.  Could squeak in another layer next time if I had to as well now that I know roughly how much time I have to spare.

    Fun challenge, thanks Drunkencyclist!

  • So a variant with a base field.

    The dividing link and the 1 incoming link to each of anchor are very nice touches!! Very good stuff. I learned something!!

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2020

    could even make 2 incoming links in each set up first, when u go to the center u have 1 field extra each time when linking from the center portals :p then u need to prelink 10 portals with each other and make already the 2 outter links to the center portal

    In short: prelink 10 portals, and make 2 incoming links to the center portal 😛

  • some more information:

    I linked from the 6 portals in the centre. They were all in the 40 m scanner range, so I did not need to move between them

    First round: go through the six central portals to create the six fields. Initially I had 6 keys in inventory, to create the fields. The set-up was such that only one link would be possible from each portal, if I go through the portals counterclockwise. No time wasted on choosing keys and no possibility of error.

    Second round: split each field in the middle. I moved the 6 keys for the first split from capsule "A1" to inventory, and went through all six portals. Again, only 1 link possible from each central portal.

    Third round: split the fields again, with 12 keys from capsule "A2". Two links possible from each central portal, no need to select keys.

    Fourth round: split again, with 24 keys from capsule "A3", four links from each central portal.

  • indeed, more fields are possible with an asymmetrical design. if you close the fields first, every link will create 2 fields, so speed should increase. you could also use narrower fields with less than 10 prelinked portals, to make full use of all portals in your playground.

  • Thanks for sharing!! Wouldn't the portal load time impede you if you had to rotate between the anchors 4 times? When you close off the fields in the first round to close, wouldn't you have already eliminated the link possibilities? Or that's how'd imagine it as I have never fielded an enclosed 6 sided base.

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    No u make the biggest field first (as there is some interpretation possible in your challenge. 2 incoming links to the center portal. )

    When ur back at the center portal, u start the timer and make 8 outgoing links that each give 2 fields. (U need to prefield 1 portal more , so 10 portals that needs to be prelinked) . And u can already put the unecessary keys already in capsules.

  • the order of the linking is important. first you split your field in half in the middle, then make two links to split each half again into quarters, and then four links to split the quarters into eights (like finishing a HCF4). Every link should create 2 fields. I figured that selecting the right keys to link might take longer than going from portal to portal.

    but now that I think about it, it could be possible to arrange the pre-linked portals in such a way that the first portal to link is most distant, the next two are closer and the final four are the closest. Then you link the most distant portal first and the rest should go automatically. but of course it only works if you are lucky and your playground has portals in the good positions.

  • 79 fields in 5 minutes with 4 SBULs (~16 fields/min)

    The preparation: 40 fields, arranged such that each link should result in 2 fields, when linking the most distant field first, and then by decreasing distance. No need for manual selection of the portals for linking.

    The field:

    Why only 79 fields, and not 80? I missed one link in the preparation, so one one of the 40 links created only one field.

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    its like those speed lvllers, find u multiple anchor portals (that are close too each other) that u can ADA and that still fits in ur field. Pre deploy ur anchors with 4 SBULS another agent. And when time is there (double field AP + Apex) gogoggogogo :P

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