Trust reporters impartial?

I do not know where to send this question I hope they help me. It happened to me recently to see how they accept and return a portal of the resistance destroyed by an illuminated account portal where the agent of the resistance is found to be able to recover it, when one of the rules of the Trust reporter system is that in the place There are no active agents who can recover what was destroyed by a cheating account and when I have made similar complaints they are rejected. I need to know where to channel a claim for what I believe is a misuse of the TR system that has worked very well in all the claims I make.


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    +1. From what I remember, TR submissions needs ‘hard to reach’ areas. Hard to reach possibly doesn’t mean ‘not accessible’. From what I remember from TR submissions (both factions) hard GPS spoofing was effectively banned. If a portal is not accessible, it should go to the ‘no pedestrian access’.

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    Same thing we see at Barcelona area. And same thing we saw in the past in Argentina when they used Malvinas for example.

    It seems that they fast track anything for love to faction, and get work done in a hour or so.

    Instead in our side things are done with criteria, all proof is requested, analyzed, and that takes at least a week or two, and them if there some doubt nothing gets done. Worst case is that agents finds that they talk to them like criminals, don't trust their own agents, and disencourage further reporting.

    The problem is that with things working that way, there's a factions that have a clear advantage and turns playbox in the way they want.

    The base problem is a not working report system, were only things escalated trough TRs/Vanguard got a review, and the rest ones just got closed without any work into them. We have a obvious spoofer in the zone since November 19, reported every time it appears.. only 10km walked, never hacked more than a day in a row, does risky mountain driving that takes 21 minutes in just 5 minutes, no doubt that it spoofs, also resistance admits it's a spoofer. But for Niantic and Vanguards there's no proof, and it stills there destroying every op anchor with impunity, and of course: in synchro with blue agents that got their blockers ready to launch.

    And that is just the plain system abuse. There's worst things like spofing to unreachable portals, using them to cut a whole area for months avoiding any game play and Killin the zone, and then... suddenly, when they need to do a blue op they use a false flag atack on the portal, destroy it in synchro with a BAF Operation, and after the op they get a Restatement of portal and link from Nia Ops making legal a ilegal portal and link.

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  • It is exactly the same in our area (northern area) ... and people are already tired. Nia ops is now blue ops. Shameful.

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    I wonder why does any ticket require a TR/VG push just to get reviewed.

    Why doesn't Niantic state EXACTLY the data required in a ticket to get the job done? If the TR word is the only thing required, then how ineficient the system is?

    I honestly think that there is only one person reviewing tickets and this person only reviews TR tickets. The test are auto-closed.

    It only takes 1 bad TR acting to break this system.

    Is this the value we got as customers? Is this game worth not just the money but the time? Does Niantic eve care?

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    Here's the thing.... a TR cannot abuse the system. The tickets they escalate still get reviewed by Ops and Ops decides whether there is enough evidence to ban an account or not. The TR doesn't have any influence on the result of the ticket logged.

    Also, they have strict criteria that they adhere to when evaluating a report before deciding to escalate. They won't escalate spoofing activity where the portal can be easily recovered. TRs are for urgent requests on hard portals.

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    Yet on previous comment agent @abstractpainter described a situation where that was the exact scenario, the portal was reinstated when there were allegedly 2 RES agents nearby and on the way to recapture. And I must say that I witnessed that on intel too and got the names aswell.

    About TR not abusing: they can still choose not to escalate a valid ticket if that fits their interests.

    So we got a way to abuse the system from TR side and a case where it has been abused which is current case, plus the fact that Niantic restoration restored a link made by spoofing that was reported the day before.

    This whole situation became extra-noisy because of that link.

    Besides, I'm afraid there is no such thing as "urgent request", my lady. Every request is an urgent request teh same way every portal is a Guardian portal :)

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    Once again, TRs don't do portal reinstates. THey have nothing to do with the reset program. And without details on that particular instance, I can't comment further.

    TRs don't review tickets in isolation. THey (TRs of the same faction) are all in one group that receives the messages the bot forwards and they apply the criteria to those. If they choose not to escalate because they believe it doesn't fit the criteria, that's their right. You can still report to the support site if they turn you down.

    So we got a way to abuse the system from TR side and a case where it has been abused which is current case, plus the fact that Niantic restoration restored a link made by spoofing that was reported the day before.

    If you can supply the details of this, I may be able to take a look.

    Besides, I'm afraid there is no such thing as "urgent request", my lady. Every request is an urgent request teh same way every portal is a Guardian portal :)

    Why yes, there are urgent requests. A spoofer that hits a durable anchor that you cannot recover would be considered urgent, wouldn't you think? A spoofer that hits your couch farm is not, and can be reported using the support site.

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    Actually @GoblinGranate feel free to PM me on TG wrt that reinstate that you feel wasn't justified.

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    @abstractpainter has the full detail on this, I believe he is the one that should take that PM offer.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @abstractpainter One piece of advice, don't waste your time with these people. The lady will only do something if the person asking is from her faction. That's how it works.

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    If you're referring to me here, I'd like to correct you. I have assisted a fair amount of ENL agents before and will continue doing so.

  • As I told before, a system that needs tickets to be scalated based on your network of contacts, or you "influence" status, is a broken system.

    First you have the standard support not working at all, at the point you can report for more than 9 months a spoofer without it being touched at all.

    Over that broken system you have a "patch" that is scalating things trough Vr/Tr. That's a bad idea, as it is not transparent or auditable, but also introduces what in standard democracy is call "influence trafficking", so it depends who you are, who you know, to get things done or not. So a unknown player from a small town could never get things done, but VIPs agents can do whatever they want. This not only creates differences between factions, but also between agents: not everyone has the same access to law enforcement.

    In our society we fixed that bias with criminal laws that target using or selling influence, as it is saw as a corruption driver. So why some one thinked that adding this "layer" they woul fix the system here?, when is proved by years of history that granting VIP status destroys communitys. Who knows, Niantic style of trying to invent the wheel again and again instead of doing a serious work.

    Reality is that tickes get closed, legal agents quits the game, and cheaters camp peacefully all around the globe destroying the game and abusing the report system at the point that if you ping a spoofer you get a warning for harrasment, when they for spoofing don't get anything.

    There's a bias, and it can be measured on the map with real data, so system justification is not what we need. We need the ones that abuse the system hunted and banned.

    It s as easy as taking a area of the map, and seeing how fast blue portals, links, and fields get reestatement (no mater if they were legal or ilegal) and green portals, links, and field, never get reinstatement, or if they do it takes weeks when blue takes just hours. Just look the map, check what gets a done, check who scalated that, who asked, take note, make a real case, and **** them from the system.

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    Once again, you seem to equate resets with a TR function. TRs don't do resets. They have nothing to do with the reset program. Vanguards log and verify resets.

    And also, it's rare for a reset to only take hours after being logged to being reinstated. The reason for this is simple. Resets are logged manually. This means that Vanguards have to reach out to locals to get the information of the spoofed portal(s), including the portal config and any links that were anchored on it. Link order and direction also needs to be recorded as they need to be reinstated in the same order and direction.

    This information is manually logged and checked and it takes time. The opposing faction VG then need to verify that the information given is correct. Once this is done, a reset is ready to be run. But even here, it's a manual process requiring a resource from Niantic to take that gathered reset information and run it. You'd be lucky if a reset is logged and verified right before a run is done. It happens very very very rarely.

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    I report both blue and green spoofers. (I am Resistance).

    From years of experience, at least in the APAC region, both are handled pretty equally and impartially.

    There can be delays, sure. But it's pretty random if it's a Resistance delay or a Enlightened delay that occurs.

    We used to think Enl got super fast treatment, then a lot of delays changed my mind on this. In the last 2-3 months it's pretty much 50:50.

    I also concur that resets are NOT handled by the TR/Vanguards. They submit them to NIAOps. Use the TR bots. These bots talk to a group of people of the concerned faction. I don't see how this can be improved further.

    Now if only NIAOps would notice obvious spoofers being obvious :)

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    I know how it is when you're going against a spoofer: you're in a long battle that you cannot win. When there is hard spoofing activity TRs system works as intended. Soft spoofing-funny way to call it- either the spoofer gives up or just go with it.

    I have never seen resets happen. Do they? I've heard they happen, but not in my country. Even when I requested resets, the portals were recovered faster then I can even contact a vg to do so. From what I've read here, whoever requested resets may have had miscommunication within their faction, and resets happened while some were wasting their time going to the anchor in question.

    If a link created by spoofing was re-linked..I am afraid to say that a VG might have got misinformation. It might be the VG's fault, it also might be the agent who requested a reset gave biased information. What I really want to say here is that the TRs are out of this question: They review reports and escalate if needed. There is nothing more they can do.

  • Well as we say in Argentina: "Nobleza obliga". So to be honest and greatfull I had to inform that because of the exchange of words in this post, we got the chance to access Azhreia via DM on telegram, and our spoofer problem has been solved as fast and efficient as thing should always be. Thanks for the help.

    Sad part is that neither the reports at Niantic support, and on Enl TRs Bot, or via private message to a Enl Vanguard, worked during the 8 months this spoofer was in action. So thanks Azhreia for escalating this issue and helping it to be fixed no matter the faction. Thanks from all the Barcelona Province community. 👌👌

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    Glad to hear that it was solved. I have no details on whatever that was exchanged in a private chat, but seems that Azhreia did a wonderful job.

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