Location edits back online, what has been changed?

I was wondering what the new rules are for the location edits.

For example I've been having troubles with the new system:

Portal was relocated trough my edit to a new position to make more space between a nearby portal. It has been updates in ingress but it didn't in Pokemon Go.

Are these kind of situations going to be updated in a later stadium? It seems like they are locked and not moving in Pokemon Go to the new better location.


  • Making edits because the real world locations are wrong. Some have been accepted during the locked period. But they werent updated in Pokémon go,although the location was changed in ingress. Not sure what they are doing with these situations.

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hopefully they'll stop trying to keep Ingress and PoGo POI's the same between the two games.

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    I hit a cooldown in Wayfarer for the first time since it was called Recon after 1-starring PoGo garbage submissions (a PoGo hat in someone's house, other household items, etc) a few days ago. Which means that trash is actually being up-voted by a number of people.

    Stuff like that and the initial reason that portal edits were disabled in the first place (PoGo'rs trying to bunch up spin spots or whatever they're called) has me very tired of PoGo's influence on Ingress.

  • People need to get used to the rules and the system is not really water prove i agree on that. Even when you're doing the right thing and 5 people aren't you are beeing punished for this. But don't only blame the pokemon community for this. Also in ingress people are voting fogether for certain nominations. In my region ingress players are making decisions based on their own team. So if they know in a certain city there are many players playing of the other faction they just vote really low stars or even hit the 1 star on all of the nominations with reason no pathway leading up to it, even when it is there is a pathway and its a perfect nomination. These things need to be adressed it seems like they are getting satisfaction out of it for doing these kind of annoying things.

  • But what if all portals would become a pokestop, wouldnt that fix the restructuring that pogo players use for benefits in Pokémon go.

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    It's never going to happen.

    Pokestops and gyms are extremely wide compared to Portals and Harry Potter structures and need a lot of space; it would need a complete redesign to fit in crammed areas and I don't think the pokemon company approve that just because the playerbase is messing with the location edits (after all it's a Niantic problem, not theirs)

  • That makes zero sense from a business perspective, because its double handling.

    And as the game that runs at a net loss, attempting any superiority claims will hasten Ingress' demise.

  • necroing this, just wondering if @SevenXterminate has had any changes happen to the POI in question or if it remains the same, with the old location still in pogo.

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