First ENL HCF6 In Brussels, Belgium by duo.

liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

Drawing/design: @liyu1

Keys farming and linking: @liyu1 and @Mald3r

Cleaning: @saarstahl and @Phaeleh14

Location: Brussels, Belgium

After seeing numerous HCF6 fields appearing in the world, we got triggered to get a first Enlightened one in Belgium.


I always thought that Brussels would be a perfect spot to create a HCF6 field. I work there and @Mald3r too :p So Brussels it is. After observing scanner activity in Brussels, we decided a Sunday morning would be a perfect time to field. (Only tourists could pose a problem). With this slow decay , Brussels ENL-agents weren't allowed to field for 20 days (thnx for that!) But of course tourists we're still a problem so i pinged every ENL- tourist in the COMM 😂

Of course i can't keep an eye on the intel all day and some green fields were made . (We hoped it would get destroyed during the week , but unfortunately it wasn't).

So @Phaeleh14 and @saarstahl were send out to clean and to ADA the fields.

The plan:

Here is a part of the plan

We didn't worked with a excel sheet with linkorder nor operator. I already had experienced with a HCF5 and i asked @Mald3r to make a HCF4 to practice 😂(he has never done it before). We linked based on the colors and that works perfect 👌 And to know the amount of keys i just counted the links that goes to the portal 😂 (+some extra keys for safety) Most important, is that the design of the HCF6 field is 100% correct so that you can blindly rely on the drawing.

The execution:

I made the baseline Friday and already cleared some blue that day.

Sunday: cleaning by @Phaeleh14 and @saarstahl

We divided the first HCF5 but forgot there was a still a small blocker left near the southeren anchor so @Mald3r had to return to the south blocker to clear it first. After that the first HCF5 was complete. We started the 2nd HCF . i had a little scary moment thinking i forgot a link, but it was OK and i could still link it.

@Mald3r on his side had a portal he couldn't immediatly reach, but had to walk around to finally find access to it. (there was a local event and therefore the portal wasn't accesible)

Then we continued our way to the final portal. We linked everything until suddenly, i saw AP appearing from creating a single layer field . :o

We checked the map, and apparently, we overlooked a link on HCF2 lvl, due it's link being really close with another HCF1 link.

So ADA final portal and hope we still got extra keys from the portals. Fortunately we had.

Then link all that stuff again and voilà the first Belgian ENL HCF6 was born! 😍🤩🤸‍♀️💚🎉🎊🎇

Thanks again, everyone who we're involved !

Here are some screenshots:


  • RamiiRamii ✭✭✭

    Well done wolvies !

  • ArwethArweth ✭✭✭

    Nice work! 💚 I am always glad to see another green L6 HCF!

    .. and thx for registration! 👍️

  • @liyu1 excellent job. I have also dipped my toes into the world of HGF; L3 at the park where I work. There wasn’t enough portals to go any higher but I also didn’t have to worry about anyone fielding or blocking me unlike you, I also made a few mistakes but I was only playing for several months at the time... And I can only imagine how annoying it was having tourists 😅 but the outcome looks great!!! #kudos

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    @TheGreenTardis thanks 😊, you need a dense portal area. when u start small HCF3 or HCF4 u can use a rural area too, to practise. Be sure u master it (that's easy haha) , then you can go for HCF5 (and HCF6 next) in a city (and do not forget to inform your fellow faction players or tourists 😂🙊not to link or field 😂😂😂unless you know it's a high turnover area, or u can make already a blockfield in your play zone) .

    Also @57Cell has a nice videos about homogenious fielding on youtube , you might check that out too 👍️

    and good luck on your future HCF's ^^

  • Nice work agents. Looks beautifully green and amazing

  • liyu1liyu1 ✭✭✭

    Banner based on this OP is there: .


  • Great job.....Brussels looks great in green 💚

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