Techthulhu and mindpalace?

Ok I'm trying to understand how a techthulhu works is it like a xm computer or XM program or how does it function also how does one create one and will they be used in the ingress scanner eventually also how does one create a mind palace and how do they work or function and will they be in the Ingress scanner eventually also any pictures of both would also be appreciated and also theorize how we would use them in the future



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    per the NIA Final Sourcebook

    A techthulu is an object that’s been referenced and time and time again in Ingress lore. We’ve seen Tycho, a human techthulu, there’s also been the Moyer techthulu, which was the most recent one to have been built by humans, and the one OLW sharded himself in and subsequently let Nemesis get their hands on.

    While the interfaces in the videos appear to be computer-based, it is more Sensory experiences that allow them to operate, meaning things like Touch and Sight and Hearing. So far the Techthulus were not interaction-based objects in the scanner but rather real-world, tangible objects.

    As for the Mind Palace, that is a place created by the Misty Hannah of each node. In 1218 node, it was an actual place in the world (at least temporarily) that some agents were able to visit and make their way through. It’s said to be a place in the XM Substrate or even beyond it.

    I am extremely novice in this area. Others will have better ideas and maybe images. You might also want to consider connecting with Project Essex on Telegram, a cross-faction Investigation group with deep ties in NIA and Niantic lore and the perfect place to get answers for questions such as this one. If you’re on Telegram and search for my agent handle you can find me there and I can help connect you with Essex. Or if one of the Essex admins is willing to disclose their Telegram handle here that works too :)

  • Can you send the link here so once I get the app and sign up I can send them a message

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    I’ll see if I can find the invite link but for the most part it’s “open-invite” meaning there’s not a button or link to click to join, but everyone is still welcome to join if you just ask. Any member or one of the admins can add you in to the group. If you send me a message I’ll get you added in to Essex. Like I said, I’ll try to find the invite link but it might just be faster for you to send me a message on Telegram once you download it and create your account.

  • Ok arkfang I have a account now what's your name or how do I add you also thank you crhodan

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    In your main Chats tab, at the top just search for ArkFang, just like on here, and I’ll pop up. Just send me a message :)

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