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  • 1) Why are you avoiding, constantly diverting from explaining to the audience why you were "WARNED" by Nia for your abusive behavior, then after acknowledging this warning, then proceed to insult and carry on with the same old train of abuse.

    2) What 🙄insinuate is to imply, and to accuse them of wrongdoing which you have done in an open forum (with absolutely no proof) is against Nia's TOS. Again attempting to downplay your breaches after being called out on them.

    Lets see if you can explain the above away again but this time try being truthful for once, we have been waiting along time for you to take accountability for your actions but all we get is a bunch of diatribe mumbo jumbo and diversion tactics.

    PS It is you who needs to stop re-posting here making false statements breaching TOS.

  • LemoMcLemonFaceLemoMcLemonFace ✭✭✭✭

    I'm opting to not continue this conversation, or in fact any conversation, with you.

    I owe you no explanation, for anything, and even if I did, whenever someone attempts to explain anything to you, you call it abuse.

    Leave me alone.

  • Yup, will not explain his embarrassing behavior in this forum. Not surprised, as you can't defend it no matter what spin you put out there and have not taken accountability for your behavior, despite being "Warned" by Nia.

    Lets hope you have learned a valuable lesson on this episode you instigated, that bullies like you will not be tolerated in this community board.

    It's great you have finally seen sense to finally "move on" and hopefully you will now respect others points of view and do not **** anyone in future, that's if Nia takes no action against you.

    Playing the victim causing all this conflict is very rich I'm afraid, but again not surprising given your character.

    Yes, lets hope we here no more from you moving forward.

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