Tessellation Hall of Fame - Paragon Medal


Thank you for your outstanding participation in the Tessellation. Here is the list of awardees of the Paragon Medal. If you are on the list, this means you have made contributions that fulfill the criteria listed in the FAQ #09, #10

Paragon Awardees

If you do not see your IGN in the list, but you believe you have fulfilled the criteria, please respond to this thread with your supporting material or reach out to your Faction Vanguards. The NIA will review it as soon as they receive it. The deadline to submit your appeal is July 29th 2020 23:59 UTC.



Here is the new list of Paragon awardees:

Paragon v07302020

The appeals were reviewed according the the FAQs and rules of The Tessellation. Thanks to all the veteran Tesserae-hunters for pointing out the guidelines of Medal qualification. Paragon requires more effort put into either mind exercise, advanced Intel retrieving efforts, lore investigation, Operation documentation, or community coordinating. The awardees were updated based on the criteria above.

This is a final review of the Hall of Fame, in case any previous qualifying appeals were left out, but the NIA won't be accepting new appeals. The deadline for final review is July 31st 0700 UTC.

Thanks again for partaking in this Operation. If you've missed it this time, keep an eye out for future Happenings. Our world is constantly changing, stay vigilant, there will always be more missions that need your participation.

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