About banned accounts.

MillopaiMillopai ✭✭✭

We all know that unfortunately many users use spoofers accounts to obtain rare items, mods and mainly KEYS from inaccessible or distant locations.

I would like to suggest that when an account is banned permanently, all items and keys spread across different inventories will also be deleted from the game.

They could wait for a period of, for example, 7 days to know if there will be some kind of resource from the banned account and afterwards all items and mods mainly KEYS obtained by this account would be deleted from the system (including scattered inventories) as there would be no reason to remain in inventories from other players items obtained illegally from an account permanently banned.

I think this would discourage the creation of ghost accounts that do major damage to legitimate gambling without harming legitimate agents who may have items in their inventory from an account that has become illegal.

Such a measure would be applied only to banned accounts that are permanent or that have already been denied funds after the 7-day period, for example.

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