Ingress 2.51.1 Release Notes

What’s new

  • Added Scout Controller to Portal details screen, Agent Stat, and Scout Controller medal.
  • Updated Intel Map rendering algorithm to load Fields, Links, then Portals to reduce loading times.

Scout Controller

  • Building upon the Portal Scanning feature, we now show the Scout Controller and number of Scout Points on the Portal details screen. The Scout Controller title can be claimed by successfully uploading more Portal Scans of a Target Portal than any other Agent over the last 30 days. Scout Points are the number of Portal Scans successfully uploaded by the Scout Controller over the last 30 days.
  • Note that this metric intentionally does not backfill previously uploaded Portal Scans because Agent codename and number of Portal Scans are now publicly visible on the Portal details screen, and this wasn't the case previously.
  • The number of Scout Points on the Portal details screen is updated when a new Portal Scan of the Target Portal is successfully uploaded. Once Scout Controller has been claimed on a Portal, currently this title isn't automatically removed after 30 days. However, another Agent can still claim Scout Controller with a single Portal Scan if there were no Portal Scans uploaded over the last 30 days.
  • Additionally, we’ve added an Agent stat for Scout Controller on Unique Portals, which counts the total number of unique Portals where an Agent has claimed Scout Controller. This is a cumulative count of unique Portals, and does not decrease if Scout Controller is later claimed by another Agent.
  • Lastly, there is also a new Scout Controller medal, separate from the Scout medal. The Scout Controller medal tiers are: 
    • Bronze: Scout Controller on 100 unique Portals
    • Silver: 500 unique Portals
    • Gold: 1,000 unique Portals
    • Platinum: 5,000 unique Portals
    • Onyx: 15,000 unique Portals

Bug fixes

  • Fixed XM object not available error that prevented occasional Drone hacks until exiting then returning to Dronenet.
  • Fixed how XM meter displayed pending XM, and other XM meter issues when recharging Portals.
  • Fixed issue when attempting to link to a Portal when the first Link was no longer possible. (In previous versions, this required restarting the Ingress app to create a Link to the same Portal.)
  • Fixed NL-1331X avatar honking when selecting a Portal in Remote Portal View.
  • Removed AM/PM from COMM preview messages on map screen.

UI updates

  • Removed chromatic aberration and vignetting from Remote Portal View to match the map screen.
  • Added an animation for each successfully completed Glyph when reviewing the Glyph Hack results screen.

Additional notes

  • Some COMM activities appear as blank COMM updates with an up arrow icon.
  • COMM activities were previously loading at the top or oldest message, instead of at the bottom or most recent message. If you're still seeing this, you may need to uninstall then reinstall Ingress to clear your app cache.
  • A softlock is occurring when recharging from Portal Keys removed from a Key Locker or Capsule, or after recycling a Portal Key. This should be resolved in the next app update.


  • Does the scan limit stay at 200?

  • HokeyBugleHokeyBugle ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    I'm confident our scan data will be put to good use in time. I think it's a bit much to expect results from our scans before the scanning infrastructure is even fully implemented. Personally I like having more ways to help improve the portal network; it's satisfying in its own right and it makes ingress/its playerbase more useful to Niantic but I can totally see why other folks don't see it the same.


    As far as badge tiers go I like how high the bar is set. I like the idea of top tier badges only being attainable by agents who really dedicate themselves and work to earn it. That way the portion of agents that do earn it can really feel proud. That being said though it feels at odds with most existing badges, especially with how closely scout controller ties to scout. For the most part all the badges are attainable in time and the truly dedicated are able to get wings on their badges to show off, the scaling of this and pioneer feel off from the rest of the group even though I much prefer the way scout contoller and pioneer are tuned

    All in all a great update! new Intel is much more pleasant to navigate! Looking forward to competing with you for the new badge ;p

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  • ViscumViscum ✭✭

    Feeling the same. I haven't even done one single portal scan as that feature is not even interesting to me. I do however like badges but this is just a silly badge.

  • This is a really good idea as long as we can upload a lot more than 200 scans at once.

    Maybe the player has to unlock more scans first?

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