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    They did say a bit more and something different than I think you are describing.

    The point isn't about the physical hardware that the game is on (server). When they say "server," they mean server code base, not machine. Moving Ingress to the platform (i.e., pogo and hpwu) server code base would leverage all the coding and new features/gameplay mechanics in pogo and hpwu but would take a lot of effort. Ingress players wouldn't see the fruits of their labor for a long time. Instead, they are continuing to use the old ingress-only server code base which means ingress doesn't get all the pogo and hpwu features. Instead, Niantic will try to add new features to the existing ingress server code base as needed in ingress. It allows incremental new features to reach players faster, but requires duplication of some effort that already were done for the other games.

    The other thing they mentioned was about the actual machines. To save money, they are trying out different physical computers (well, cloud or instances of whatever) that are cheaper. That's fine and a good idea as there are so many new, lower cost, but still fine performance, options available now that weren't 5 years ago. Doing that might be the equivalent of every player giving them a couple cents per month each month and most likely won't effect play once the kinks are worked out.

    I thought there was a lot of info and insight in the original post.

  • It's FUBAR at the moment. Game is unplayable with missing keys, missing fields and strange error codes. Any updates?

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    The new severs cost lower price for Niantic to run?

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    Now i hope Niantic fix the balance and low price in store when servers price are mutch lower. Pokémon GO have balance store and price.

  • I sure wish the new features would include redacted.

  • If this game was launched last summer, i would get it. But this is a 7 year old game, and you don't have all features available?

    How many billions did you make from Pogo, and now HP WU, AND Ingress? You speak like it would cost a billion to get a new server up and working.

    I have played Ingress for roughly 6 months now, and to me this game seems like its still in Beta, and that would suggest that you're doing something wrong. There are players who already quit when going from Redacted to Prime in the first place, and even more players stop playing now due to bugs. So why on earth would someone decide to move a game filled with bugs, to a server with even more bugs? And why hasn't adventure sync been introduced to Ingress years ago? Maybe servers are not the issue here, but the people working on the game? You should give priority to the game and players who made it possible for you to launch POGO/HP WU, instead of pissing on them.

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    @ofer2 anything new to say today? Its been a while..

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    It's based on google S2 cells. What makes you say "the maps used for calculating scores NEED updating"? There's nothing there to update. What changes do you want to see?

  • @mortuus You have to profile tag a user into a post for them to know about it using the @ symbol before there forum username like i did for you otherwise i dont think they get an alert if not following there own posts.

  • Any chance we could get background upload of portal submissions or a upload queue? Trying to upload trail portals really sucks with limited cell trying to push 2 pictures without an indication of where your locking up. Game just gets stuck and you have to choose between the upload and keep playing. Improvements to that would be nice. Google Street view like save the data for wifi would be really nice.

  • they're likely talking about the population data issues; fields will often be off by the people they cover by over 50%. The data has been inaccurate since redacted and hasn't ever really been corrected.

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    @ofer2 Hello. Could you find the time to say a few words, where your team has already moved and at what stage you are now? As I see from other thread, there was no transfer to the new servers - because of the COVID your team had to introduce new features (drones). But now, it seems, there may be time? (cc @NianticBrian)

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    Are Niantic complete now and we run at the new servers? @NianticBrian

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    Following on from another thread, I do not expect a transition to the NRWP servers anytime before Christmas in 2021.

    We have a pandemic, and it is quite the miracle already that the server dev team is even able to get some of the NRWP features onto the classic servers. The Drone is a major new feature, how it is even able to be done with the classic server, is magic!

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    @mortuus sorry, did you have a specific question?

  • So, that was the news information about the history and plans of Ingress Server!

    Thanks and Happy Valentine's day!♥️♥️

  • What is this? You're "in the game for 6 months" and don't understand that they have to keep all players in the game from more than 7 years? It's not only you who want's to play this game. They need to maintain compatibility to every feature and version they ever delivered! And regarding your problems: Did you find "hundreds" of others having the same problems? If no, perhaps try a client on another device/platform and see if your problems disolve? Or try with another account? (Hope I'm not feeding the Troll @I4mGro0T )

  • Years later, is there any thoughts to spending the time to move the "Ingress Specific" parts of the server like links and fields, over to Lightship and get rid of the last of the old spaghetti code? Or is this already in progress just very slowly over time?

    It feels like an overhaul of the stuff that's laggy would mean replacing the old link calculation engine.

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