What Do You Want To See In Prime Next That Is Currently In REDACTED?



  • hold menu on scanner for: navigate, attack and submit Portal. they are useful for beginner agents and

    by: @Kurosaif

  • Prime is to eavy for cheap phone; when you play hard you must reboot the phone 1 or 2 times... also the program crash ...in the missions it's not easy to manage the sequence of portals. The interface it's not intuitive too many special effects.

    1. Stability, I've mentioned this on a previous post, but Prime is waaaaaay less stable than Redacted. At our P8 walk yesterday all Prime users had to restart at LEAST once! Redacted users didn't have to restart at all. I also fear that once Redacted is being killed, anomalies wil be a joke, since at some point during the anomaly itself nobody will be able to play anymore.
    2. Loading times. It takes usually around a minute to start the game. This is absurd!
    3. Simplify graphics during attacking. It is nice to see all the percentages come up whilst attacking a portal or 10... but at the same time it is causing a major lag!!!
    4. Passcodes: It is difficult to scroll to the bottom everytime. Also, I seem to be missing out on a load of codes even though I am awake a lot of the time and others seem to be able to claim it ( redacted users ) but not me in Prime?
    5. A 3rd faction or a way to decay portals much faster or **** portals of your own faction ( like a huge bomb killing ALL portals regardless of faction in a certain range of 1km or further ) because it is annoying when you live in areas that are dominated by the same faction. It is not really 'eco' if you have to drive 50kms every day just to be able to play. Not to mention that it costs time, so you'll 'lose' 2 hours of playing time because of this and it kinda makes you lose interest in the game. You get the feeling there is nothing to do. For people who work this can be annoying. I can only imagine being a rural player.. They should be able to indicate they live in a low portal dense area and get their nominations pushed!
  • folkExfolkEx ✭✭
    see the cooling time of the portals

  • I've seen and liked a lot of good suggestions that are really urgent. There is one that is not so vital, but would be nice: mission launch from portal view. Life is so easy when you don't have to list all the nearby missions...

  • Navigate to....

    Intel Global/Regional/Cells

    History and top 3/50 agents

  • Afaik only 20% of the players using prime. 80% of them still use redacted.

    I think it's obvious what the community wants to happen!

    I expect this post to vanish fast but I was willing to put my two cents in this discussion.

    Besides that: Thanks to Niantic for some great years playing a great game and meeting great people around the world!

  • A penalty for toying around with the portals. I've got some pogo players in my area that do some sorta wizardry with the game's mechanics, and nia's reporting system in order to remove, add and move portals in a way that allows them to manipulate the game so that a great lot of gyms appear all in one place on pokemon, or so that "portals" such as plain pictures of random streets are accepted on the ingress map.

  • I have comented that you could give us the option to choose between redacted or prime interface on setting menu, but that on redacted can ser the AP vital and recursed symbol on platinun medals, you could put new players levels, new xmp level, xmp **** friend resonators, new medals, new faction, new Missions type "neutralized x portals" , "capture x portals", " make link x kms "etc etc etc, that give us AP or items extras ( similar to pogo), more space on inventary or xmp capsules, resonador capsules, mod capsule (as ley locker capsules), TRADE option without drop ...

    There are a lot of things thar you could do for to get better Ingress. I have played ingress since 6 years ago and I think that is not necesary to force us to play prime, please give us the option yo choose between the two interfaces

  • 1) Use home button to cancel actual glyph sequence (instead of killing the whole game and restart the whole game, if your running out of time due a mistake).

    2) Same animation speed if you use complex glyph.

    3) More contrast for the map. The portal points, especially for neutral portals are much to small.

    4) Possibility to disable this heartbeat/pulse animation.

  • Nachtmusik388Nachtmusik388 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    About the "MISSIONS"

    1) Make the Mission's HIDDEN settings effective immediately.

    The next destination (the next portal to be kept secret if it is true) is all exposed in PRIME scaner!

    Also, there are no tips for finding the next destination (portal). This hint must be displayed.

    2) Similarly, the original TIPS for guiding the answer are not shown in PRIME!!

    This hint should be very useful for answering the correct passphrase.

    3) Most disappointing above all agents, even if we try to search for a mission and show the list, PRIME does not give priority to the nearest ones.

    4) And to make us even more disappointing is that many of the Beautiful Mission Medals we have won so far have not been displayed correctly, and black holes have become a disappointing display here and there.

  • PonderPonder ✭✭✭

    XM to be acquired for recycle displayed.

    "Exceeds XM Capacity" notice when recycling.

  • First of all redacted ergonomy. I dont mind that you put deploy/fire button in the middle of sceern, whats drive me crazy is that button is ABOWE item selection, so i dont see what is selected when i fire xmp/us. Thats pretty annoying. Second thing is long press menu.

  • GreenVamGreenVam ✭✭✭✭✭

    I want to see diferent types of portals. And shapers with n'zeer.

  • rz231rz231 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    The look of the redacted scanner... that what would be cool! or at least the possibility to share my stats with others

  • I'd like to sync stats with agent stats... That's one of the main reasons I still use redacted

  • Normaly, i see a portal and thinking: "oh, i should playing ingress". the problem is, that the scanner starts very slowly, i won't wait. The Redacted Scanner starts massive fastee than the prime scanner

  • Show the correct Mind Units for a field in the activities

    1. Language: UI with other languages ( or at least Dutch ) are not compatible. I have to manually count my badges and look up what I need online.
    2. Glyphing in Prime is VERY unstable. This needs to be addressed!
  • I would Like to see stability and fast Startup

  • Also, I really like the feature in redacted that you can hold the first part of the first glyph and it vibrates to notify you to start when timer is ready

  • Just use the redacted interface and build a 'shiny' interface, or Just keep redacted, with only one finger navigation and mass recycling. And make a switch to turn off portal Keys. Walking a different city u need to manual throw away lots of Keys when u leave.

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