Undine Runes? Research on Glyphs in Video of Tessera Courier Unmasked

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We can see many runes in the video of tessera Courier Unmasked:

I don't know if this video is set to be public by NIA, but if you took part in the common hunting of this tessera you can open that media in your inventory and see it. If not, how you, not even have paid any progress to get it, dare to complain it's gatekeeped by the minority?

I shot two frame of that video where I can see the runes clearly.

I do know someone have already translated this to English when I started, but I myself want a try.

--------------- the TLDR part ----------------

I started from the first letter of line 11. the single-letter word can only be "a" or "i".

Then the first word of 5th line. It can be "all" or "ill", whichever, the 2nd and 3rd letter is "l". (I dont think Hank will say "a-s-s" or "inn" in this situation.)

Then a bold conjecture: the 2nd word in 2nd line contains two "l" and is so long. I guess it can be "tessellation". It came to "tessellations", (but why pl. form? is there others tessellation in this node or the mutiverse?), and there seemed to be no error till then.

Then I have enough letter pairing to solve the whole paragraph, one letter by one.

----------- End of the TLDR part -----------

Took use of the translation, I made a alphabet. The runes drew by pencil(for letters J, K, X and Z) are not appeared in the text and I guessed them from change law of other runes (e.g. for "E" and "T" the former rune is add a reversed check at bottom of current rune, and later is add a check at top) so they are not sure.

BTW I am curious what will numbers look like in this new set of runes.

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    A-s-s or inn :)

  • Found myself forgot to post the translated text.

    When we constructed the tessellations, they were designed to protect you from all of the ancient ones. If the shields we built mean that even our influence would wane, a contingency was required. That contingency was the Magnus. Patterned after humans, but born of the substrate. Simulacra.


    Januslab released undine runes font.

    My guess of K, X, and Z is wrong while J is right… A 1/4 success rate.

    Actually they are

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    To the question of numbers: The undine runes appear to foremost represent numbers, they follow a pattern alike roman numbering. The first 26 also translate to our alphabet (1=A, 2=B etc.), like you have drawn them on the paper.

    As seen in the latest update to the undine silica, the runes can simultanelusly represent numbers or letters, it's up to our interpretation to make sense of it.

    What I found interesting is that the number 13 was represented by runes 1 & 3 instead of 13.

    I look forward to seeing more of these in the future.

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