TESSERA Round 13 - Omniscient Archetype

Truthseekers: Incoming clue. July 7th 1800 UTC.

Your Prediction Window is 50 min.



  1. The First Discoverer will go to the First Agent who has decoded -> redeemed -> posted a valid screenshot of Tessera Omniscient Archetype.
  2. The RES team discovering Tessera Copperplate's Agenda prior to the dropping of the clue was a combination of lucky guessing plus trial & error in the area they suspected would have a Camera Obscura.
  3. There will be a new Target Tessera and clue created for Tessera Copperplate Agenda. The drop schedule will be announced at a later tim


For the revised treatment of Tessera Copperplate Agenda, please refer to the thread that's soon to be announced.


After referencing the scenario in Tessera Who Killed Ezekiel Calvin?, Tessera Copperplate's Agenda will proceed with the original clue and Media. The currently redeemed screenshots of Tessera Copperplate's Agenda are eligible to become Discoverer candidates when they are resubmitted to the correct thread. The thread+clue will be posted at July 8th 0300 UTC. The Discovery points of Tessera Copperplate Agenda will be reassessed once the Tessera hunt begins.

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