requirement of (anonymous) face picture for Virtual First Saturday participation.

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The Dutch virtual FS organisation is pretty much default done by the same people that require an uploaded (anonymous) picture of your head before they approve participation under the 'social participation' rule because they want to make a very big collage of pictures.

Reasoning is that multiple orga's of ingress FS's do this and GDPR does not apply because you agree with the terms of the orga when you join and the orga are strict about it. It has to contain (parts of) yourself, either visible or made 'anonymous' by holding something in front of you. You cannot send in other pictures of random objects or something similar. (you get a message confirming the picture was approved or denied as valid). 

I do wonder if ingress/fevgames thinks this demand is desirable or if you should be able to refuse to send in a picture and still qualify as valid participation and hope to get some kind of ruling about this and/or let me know where I should aim this question at. 

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  • The requirements were known beforehand and agreed upon when signing up. If you don't agree with it, don't participate. Also 'face' is the wrong concept here, a person had to be visible. Photos with only visible hands or similar were accepted as well. The orga did not want photos of inanimate objects.

  • I already shared my thoughts on this in the FS chat, but happy to add them here as well.

    - refering to privacy laws and GDPR does not apply if you are talking about an anonimysed picture, since that means it not identifiable anymore and thus the privacy laws and GDPR do not apply anymore. If I anonimyse my email address, it's not considered identifying information.

    - fevgames state that the rules for social participation are to be defined by the orga of the respective FS, within reason and applicable law, of course. The requirement for a (anonymous) picture are in the rules of the FS and by participating you therefor agree to them.

    - you can of course create your own FS event where you do allow people to upload pictures of empty coke bottles, the neighbors cat, the cow in the backyard, the dead plant in the office corner or what not, as long as you adhere to fevgames requirement to have a minimum number of agents and pictures.

    - you can always choose to join a different FS which does not have such requirement, that's the beauty of the virtual FS, you can even join one that is hosted in Antarctica, New Zealand, Brasil, or any other place all over the world. Just make sure you read up on their requirements before you join, to prevent any surprises afterwards.

    Just my 2 cents, happy gaming

    Cheers MadVinnie

    (and thanks to the orga of the FS for all the time they have put in, hosting yet again a great first Saturday. Even though the physical aspect is surely missed, this alternative is a close second.)

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    I was under the misconception that a face had to be in the picture either visible or anonymous. Apparently the requirement is that (parts of) you are visible in the photograph and not per definition your face, I editted the start post to reflect this situation. I still kindly would like a ruling if this is a desirable demand for VFS participation.

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    Your head needed to be in the picture. A picture of your foot would be denied.

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    And editted my start post again to reflect this :) Last time I will edit the start post as I think it is factually correct now, as @DhrMekmek is (one of) the orga.

    I also want to stress that I do not have any issues with any one person of the organisation I think the VFS's run smoothly and automated. I just want to know if this extra requirement is an acceptable requirement.

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    If you're a new agent that nobody know is very recommend to accept this rule or leave. But, your picture are supposed just to confirm that you are participating of the event, you don't want if to be used to collages, just say it to orga. Join the videocall, greet everyone and state it, leave if you want.

    In phisical events no one is obligated to be in the group photo to be validate.

    If you're already known in the community and they're coming up with rules just to difficult your participation, sent a picture your hand holding a timestamp and flipping your feelings. That's enough proof.

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    @Teckanie it is not per se an extra requirement. For virtual FS social participation is a requirement that orga can define.

    We defined that as the selfie.

    Group pictures have been mandatory for validation of First Saturdays. I don't see a real problem in extending that towards making group picture mandatory for all participants for Virtual FS. If nobody sends something, you would have an invalid event. And we are very flexible with our rules, If we see 3% of your face/head on a picture, we are fine with it. You can see our end result on

  • One of the requirements to make it a valid FA for the badge is that the collage image needs to contain a minimum of 10 recognisable people forms with ingress related gear. Most FS coordinators will require your image (and everyone else participating) to meet the guidelines so that they can (1) confirm your own attendance and (2) submit the photo that is a requirement of the badge.

    If you don't want to provide evidence of yourself to be able to add it towards actually getting the badge, then maybe FS isn't for you.

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