What Do You Want To See In Prime Next That Is Currently In REDACTED?



  • Hello I see that on premium we do not have the immersive mode, nor the possibility of forcing the synchronization.
    Moreover since the beginning of premium there is no opportunity to recruit.
    and why can not I show all the pictures of a portal when there are more than 9 pictures on the portal?
    the steering system is no longer available and was practical.

  • Navigation

  • Extra passcode Tab, navigate to Portal, Portal jumping in the Portal view, stats sharing, click on map => XMP, navigate, New Portal

  • Why do all of you want navigation? I always found that to be less than useless for me and tended to get in the way

  • GoSattaGoSatta ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    Speed lock, in prime you can walk and get it, no logic to that.

    Move attack info, now there is no way to see what you are trying to do, all info is right on the portal you are on.

    When linking, why would you want to spin the view? If you are in a new area you have noooo ide about where your portal was

  • Access to OPR and Mission Creator for Prime users, as they cannot log in to either.

  • One of the marked Portals is neutral the other one blue - nothing more to say

  • I'm very happy with REDACTED. I can do anything. maybe, if REDACTED comes with a one-finger feature, there's no need for prime.


  • Let me preface this by saying that I'm Red/Green colorblind.

    I have a really hard time seeing things in Prime. Grey portals are almost indistinguishable from XM.

    Low level portals are hard to distinguish which faction owns them. It may be that the rings around the portal that indicate the mod rarity on the portal are a factor. Green rings for common, purple rings (blue with a red tint when I'm red/green deficient) for rare and pink (y'know, lightish red...or light green for me) for VR.

  • quick capture of portals by pressing the screen


  • Navigation button!

  • The old textures in a option screen. But visibility and clickability will do. I never want to missclick a portal ever again. Or not see a difference between a road and a neutral portal.

  • Portal edits. There are portals that need to be fixed or removed (no longer present) that I still need to use redacted for. Can't add new pictures either.

  • Force sync button and wake up without unlock phone.

  • The feature where the portals start showing up with compass and distance when you are nearby.

  • Turn off sound when we open inventory, seeing other agent, capsule pickup BGM. How if you made a new page and not "pop-up" when we open inventory, seeing intel and open capsule

    My battery still drain so fast using Prime. Compress your animation or add some "Low Detail Mode" for low end device :)



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