Dev Diary: Black Lives Matter Beacon



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    BLM movement started a few years ago. I am pretty sure there were promises from companies in the beginning, too. Yet here were are again. Yes, for now and until something actually changes, I see it as PR stunts. But then again, it's just business as usual. Hong Kong and Ukraine and Syria and pay inequality and lots and lots other issues are not as mainstream as BLM is atm, so we have BLM stuff. The moment other issues become mainstream, we will have those issues' stuff. The moment tides change, Niantic will be advertising beacons with Confederate flags.

    Maybe if next time some company makes a statement before people start protesting and rioting, something will change. Until companies just follow trends, nothing will change. Like I said, rainbow XM doesn't have to be there just during June. It should pop-up randomly and without any announcements. Just because why not. Doing it in June is "well, other companies are doing something, so we should do something, too, so that we are not perceived as homophobic and out of touch". Such things should be random.

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    Any Life Matter

    We all don`t agree with police, beating and torturing ANY people.

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    i`am living in Russia. Here is beating an killing not only Brown or Black. Here we are all in the police and government terror. No matter what color of your skin. Russia was in slavery so long. So, you can see more than usa.

  • Did you get permission to use the logo?

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    Well done Niantic. Perhaps this deserves a news post too?

  • Enjoy your dead empty game full of social justice warriors and white knights - you can all congratulate each other on defeating the 4th riech...that is until reality hits you (if it ever does).

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    I'm not against any of the trends, but I just wondering why we don't get more stuff like this?

    Why not change XM colors in other year event too, like in Christmas we could have green and red XM, pink xm in October, gold/white on new year, etc.

  • This is obvious to any decent human being - only leftists ideologues, race-baiters, and totalitarian marxists focus on identity politics and all the things that divide us instead of what unites us. This is why the people in this toxic "Community" disagree so much with anyone who doesn't toe their social justice narrative line. LIFE is precious. This shouldn't have to be stated but the leftists have to signal just how "Virtuous" they are to the others who mindlessly follow the same mantra.

  • Spend the time to educate yourself properly instead of surrounding yourself with the confirmation bias of the mob.

    Police brutality is a thing. It doesn't affect just black and brown people and it actually affects WHITE people more depending on how you wish to slice the statistics. If this movement had instead been on ending police brutality and improving their training etc. it would be a different story.

    Instead it has turned into more misinformation campaigns and race-baiting in an effort to garner political support not actually institute real change. By insinuating there is some sort of "Systemic Racism" problem you are impugning the integrity of the very people who spend their entire careers putting their lives on the line to protect you so that you can live in the freedoms they help protect.

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    I agree, but I'm sticking around to watch the show.

  • That's how I felt a couple years ago when this all started and it has invaded every source of entertainment in our culture now. I have to seek entertainment from the few countries in the world who believe in putting the quality of their product and satisfaction of their customers over virtue signaling and political correctness.

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    You might be right. And I totally understand why we have this month or that month. But again, I don't understand why we can't have rainbow XM or pink XM at random times. If they can change color of XM with a press of a button, they why not do it? I am trying to remember if rainbow XM requires Ingress updates, but I don't think it does; if it actually requires updates, then yes, it's not something they can do easily.

    As for what Niantic is doing - I have no clue besides that letter they posted. Do they post any other info somewhere? Like how many black people they helped per month? Or how many women in the company have same pay as men?

    And again, what about other political issues? Syrian lives don't matter enough yet? How about recent "voting" in Russia to make Putin a permanent president?

  • ItsutsumeItsutsume ✭✭✭

    Pay inequality and gay rights have been issues before BLM movement started, yet I don't see Rainbow beacons. And I think Rainbow beacons would make more sense as not every country has significant black population, but every country has significant gay population, and in some countries being gay is very much not OK. Wearing masks has become a political issue, and to me it's a bit more concerning than BLM, so can we get Facial Mask beacons?

    The only reason we have BLM beacon and not any other issue beacons because this issue went mainstream, and that's my personal opinion. Niantic doesn't do Pink XM for October or Mustache beacons for November, does it?

  • We just had an entire month of rainbow colored XM and you're complaining about insufficient recognition of LGBTQ issues?

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