A New World Record! A Nine-Layer Homogeneous Field in Krosno, Poland or “One Tale of Ninetales”

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"One Tale of Ninetales"

A long time ago, in a country far, far away … an Enlightened agent went on a pilgrimage along the Way of the Cross in Magura National Park in Poland. Walking the mountain path along the stunningly beautiful Stations of the Cross with cell coverage and location services next to nothing, he decided to share these beautiful Wayspots with the rest of the community to enjoy. Thus, the triple came into life on the yet to be discovered the triple ground.

Upon the scrupulous examination and tedious hours spent on analysing the Intel and consulting other experts in the area, a young but ambitious Smurf Ibiquer came to the conclusion that the anomaly created by the Enlightened agent on henceforth called the triple ground (a term totally fictitious and coined by Yours truly) was most likely due to some measure of location drift, or lock, and the poor cell coverage in the area. Then the Ninetales operation was created and executed by the Resistance on 27-28 June 2020. Three collocated portals that are exactly at the same location (lat/long) that came into being as a result of the fateful submission were used to build the homogeneous field that no one has ever done before.

In March 2020 a team of Smurf bravados was formed to plot, plan and execute the operation aimed to set the new world record – a nine-layer homogeneous field – HCF9

All the details what a homogeneous or homogeneous field is can be found at agent 57Cell’s Youtube channel

The members of Ingress Resistance Krakow, Ingress Resistance Warsaw, Ingress Resistance Silesia, Ingress Resistance Subcarpathia and Ingress Resistance Bydgoszcz came together to beat the world record. Then the pandemic happened and the Telegram chat of the group went dormant. With the clouds of pandemic disappearing over the horizon the team awakened and meanwhile the vigilant eye of agent Ibiquer spotted a miracle on the Intel map – two Resistance locals who were eventually recruited to help with the operation and who turned out to be godfathers of the final success – agents Zaycew007 and miczel100

The operation started, too late as some of the chroniclers will tell you, with: 

Ibiquer and panfolek as OP coordinators

Entity606 and Japex as Intel operators

Piglet, 57Cell and Arweth as tech support


Lunithen, 0x4721, dfgg, Enderand, Ibiquer, K041, miczel100, panfolek, Piglet, Rajski, Tuptam, Tyminczi and Zaycew007 on the ground.

The team gathered in Krosno to finish farming and sort out the keys while agent panfolek, sent to the point of no return, failed spectacularly at even displaying the triple on his scanner due to aforementioned close-to-nil cellular coverage and having collected mud up to his ankles descended with no hope of success whatsoever. 

However, the second team of brave Smurfs was deployed with a makeshift power tool of a portable GSM modem stuck to a stick to hunt for any shreds of the cell signal they could get.

After hours of relentless fight with the mud, the moist, the insects and several jumps across the nearby creek, shouting to each other across the water, agents Tuptam and Enderand finally managed to deploy the resonators to all three portals. The triple came online! Several keys were farmed; however, no link was thrown from the triple that day. The nightfall and the tempest forced the mountain team to retreat. 

Meanwhile, thirty kilometres away in Krosno the base and finally HCF6 was being built by the rest of the teams both in cars, on bikes and footmen.

After several not-so-grave linking errors the bluetiful core for the six-layer base field was constructed 

and the base HCF6 was built on that day of 27 June with only one single link thrown to the triple with the hope of blocking enemy operations in the area and to finish the nine-layered one any time soon. As their work drew to an end "the sky above Krosno was the colour of television tuned to a dead channel". (Neuromancer, W. Gibson)

At the time it was still far from perfect; the missing links and layers did not break the spirit of the fearless Smurfs. Soaked to the bones, tired but happy and proud of their achievement so far, they gathered at the central portal of the core to plot against fate. The decision was made to get ready to beat the nightmarish cell infrastructure in two attempts. As it turned out later the first one was enough. Having discussed the master plan to beat the system the team parted their ways 

On Sunday morning 28 June 2020, two local Resistance agents, who had been given the keys to the anchors of the six-layer homogenic woke up with the hope that the HCF6 was still intact. And due to marginal ENL operation in the area indeed it was. Once the sun showed his full face to the world, the courageous Smurfs left to retrace the original steps of the Enlightened seer and reached the triple, the team’s Holy Grail. 

After the agonising fight with the heat of the noon, the insects and parlous tree climbing all the links and fields were finally laid in the correct order. 

At 11:33 GMT on 28 June 2020 the trembling voice of the intel confirmed that the WORLD’S FIRST NINE-LAYER HOMOGENEOUS FIELD was live.


See the full Intel capture of the of birth of HCF9 below:

… but the story of the Resistance HCF knows no end. 


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