It's not fair manipulating the rule!

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PAC write a detailed game rule before R12- VK & OLW, and no one raised an objection about that.

The third rule said:

Your Prediction Window is 65 min. If a Faction doesn't decode both messages in time, they will lose the chance to make Placement Predictions. Nemesis will hence gain 2 pts for that Tessera. 

And then PAC change the rule casually. He added 30 minutes to the prediction window, which is absolutely an unfair judging.

I'd love to say no to this and demand an explanation.


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    Plus, that's only for the Prediction window which will only be for the Placement points at the end of the round. Both teams got the answer to the tesserae well within the Discovery window, so the +2 points and everything would remain the same regardless. The only points that would not have been up for grabs is the Placement Predictions at the end of the round.

  • @Truthseeker , it would be a great service if you could please respond to my inquiries.

    If you are unsure where to start, here are 5 questions that I’m most concerned with:

    Q1. What prompted and convinced you to make the decision to add 30 minutes to the Prediction window?

    Q2. Were you aware of and did you fully understood the possible impact of this decision, which boosts the possibility of an increase in the variance of the final game score, and thus an impediment to the leading faction, statistically speaking. 

    Q3. Did you have a contingency planned beforehand involving said rule change, or did you make the decision on the spot?

    Q4. Follow up on Q3, is there a limit on to which extent can you change the rules? What is this limit? Are there any mechanism in place to constrain this power?

    Q5. From now one, how should one interpret your posts for future tessera drops? Rules that we should respect, or JOKES that we can ignore?

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    Not add to scores but add to time window, this time? What's wrong with…well, with the Tesered Hand?

    If the time is designed to be flexible, it should not be posted certainly; If it's designed to be certain, it should not be changed for no good reason.

    Or it would be the Tesered Hand trying to make chaos "again"?

    A convenient setting.

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    I definitely agree with these complaints. Maybe the rule change was put in place reasonably to compensate agents for NIA starting a maintenance on Intel map, which could affect how fast they progressed, but Nemesis played no part in this and therefore the points were very unfairly stolen from them.

    My suggestion for the best solution in this situation is this:

    • keep the current results which include the rule change (because some RES agents might otherwise again complain that they can't fight for 1 pt for prediction of the OLW Tessera)
    • also give Nemesis the 4 points they would have received if the prediction window wasn't extended

    Moreover, previous disputes were handled by the TH in a similar way.

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  • Q6. How should one interpret your private requests for puzzle solving information? Do you think you are the person be worthy of our trust?

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