Valid candidate or not?

At the moment i submitted this candidate 25 times already, and it keeps getting rejected for being a generic store... Its an artisanal coffeeburner, who also sells his ownmade coffee, but only in his own store. The store is +-8m2 big, the productionarea (wich is freely accesable) is +-50 m2 big. Its an unique thing over here, and the owner likes to explain what he does in the productiocproces and why he does it... i have made a photosphere from inside the building, pivtures from inside and outside but nothing works...

i feel kind of disadvataged, because i submitted other candidtes who also get rejected multiple times, yet when i post it on this forum everyone agreed it should be accepted.....


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    People's first impressions will heavily factor how people vote on something. At first glance, that looks like a generic business. The signage has a business name, contact number and a list of services/products.

    For this one to pass, it would need to be deemed a 'local hot spot', which depending on the area, can be notoriously difficult to pass. The information provided doesn't state why Koffies Van den Poel is significant. It's a business that roasts its own coffee and sells it... so what? There are a million places like that. What's special about this one?

    The town itself has a number of portals, so it's not exactly a rural town that is devoid of portals, so it's not really even worth considering extra leniency to pass this.

    The fact that you have submitted it 25 and it has been rejected 25 times as a generic business should give you a indication of what reviewers think of it. You can keep trying, but it will most likely keep being rejected. Perhaps try stating why that place is actually unique or significant, mention its historic importance (which it doesn't have since it was established in 2008 according to its website) or mention its cultural significance; does the whole town take a day off to go celebrate and drink this coffee? (probably not, but if it did, that would be a good example of its cultural significance).

    My personal recommendation would be to give up on it. It's not a POI, it has no historic or cultural significance, it's not a hot spot. It's just a generic coffee brewing business.

    Others might disagree, but until you can clearly express its true significance, you won't find any success nominating that portal.

    Hope this helps.

  • All the other portals that i created in my town took 15+ nominations,... because the french revieuwers (when i revieuw i get mosytly french nominations) cant read dutch or english i guess....

    I wrote enough explanation in description and support message but it keeps being rejected. Just to start=> the only other cofeeburnery i know (30 minutes by car) doesnt show their machines, and doesnt allow you in the productionroom, also dont explain what they do and why... you read the site, and i'm glad for it, but you understood wrong unfortunatly... since 2008 jurgen took over the buisness(and made the site). Before it was from the van den poel-familly, and he just kept the name. I think it was 50 years in their hands, but ill check next time i visit jurgen.

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