Coronavirus effect on events.

drLackodrLacko ✭✭
edited March 13 in Events

Will the ingress events be rescheduled , because of the coronavirus? Holding the NL1331 events during this coronavirus epidemic would be unfair for those players, who want to attend the events, but they can't. Also it is not a good idea to motivate people to travel around during this epidemic. You should take into account, that there will be some players, who will attend your events, no matter what, and take home the virus. So please Niantic reschedule the NL1331X events, and the Munich anomaly to a later date, when the coronavirus epidemic calms down.


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭

    a time like this its most likely all ingress events like pogo will be cancelled, more and more countries go into alert mode where they encourage citizens not go out more then neccesary to buy food or medicine.. i cant imagine niantic would go through by having all upcoming events this month as nothing has happend worldwide with the corona virus...

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