Nomination in voting disappeared

Bruu501Bruu501 ✭✭
edited March 2020 in Wayfarer (Archive)

Today, when I logged in, I saw that one of my upgraded nominations dissapeared from the list. The other two nominations (not upgraded), which were submitted on the same day, are still present in Wayfarer. The only thing I have left of the "deleted" nomination is a confirmation e-mail.

Is anyone else having this issue?



  • Hi there! Are you referring to your submission 'Zielono-niebieski Mural - ul. Wiedeńska'? Rest easy if that's the one, since few nominations may take a while to sync into Wayfarer. I assure you that your nomination is intact and should appear on Wayfarer soon.

    Do let us know if otherwise!

  • Yes, that was the nomination I was referring to and it appeared today on Wayfarer. Thank you for your help!

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