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How has the pandemic been affecting everyone? I'm curious about Niantic with California but also everyone else as the forum has been silent for the past few days.



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    I'm in the San Francisco bay area, and my company sent us home to work last week. It's been challenging to try to figure out how to adapt in this ever-changing climate with relatively little hard information to make decisions with. Like many of the people around me I've been following the recommendations for social distancing and aggressive hand-washing.

    I'm playing Ingress late at night when other people aren't out. In fact, I'm very close to getting my double onyx purifier badge.

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    Has made no difference whatsoever.

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    Not yet on the NA east coast. I can see a few things happening:

    1. Cancellation of all large scale events until at least July (% chance that April hexathlon, and Munich anomaly are postponed.)

    2. Worst case entire areas are put on freeze or forced reset ( everything flipped white). I have no idea how the Italian red zone is faring, but it can't be good for play.

    3. Zone play (fielding your regional box) will become the measuring stick for a while.

    Prove this wrong, but I gave little confidence right now.

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    We are waiting on @NianticBrian to provide a formal outline of where Niantic's plans for Ingress are, as a number of countries have shut down or closed borders, which has a significant impact on players travelling and key transfers

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    If you want to stop playing, go right ahead.

    BUT if no one is playing because entire counties and cities are locked down, preventing people to get around, then there is less reason to purchase in app things.

    And without the influx of cash, Ingress will die

    So my argument still stands, we need a road map of Niantic's plans for Ingress, which will enable players to keep playing when they themselves, their city and/or country prevents going out.

  • For now this is the only roadmap.

    More info will come soon I'm sure.

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    Yes I saw the same.

    Many have already booked flights, accommodation etc for the upcoming Anomaly.

    However, with the sudden changes in the last few days, I would expect the Anomaly to cancelled.

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    I mean that's more of something Niantic is facing with their platform altogether. It's definitely something unexpected for them

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    At minimum everything moves back 60 days. Until the red zone that is Italy right now is lifted I cannot conceive a way that an event 300km from the Italian border is going to happen.

  • I live at Mexico, more exactly I live near of Tijuana, border with California, on my country only 7 "reported" cases, so weird, or we are so poor that we dont travel or the virus do not affect us lol

    Until yesterday we were fine. just watching news, sitting and as ingress player on a dying comunity, most of my latest ops are solo. But El Centro California reported 2 confirmed covid-19 cases and everyone went into panic, usa walmart/costco/other stuff ran out of lysol, toilet paper(**** has to do with covid), baby wipes, bottle water. Yesterday same with mexian club. People just panic.

    Today in the morning(an hour ago its 718 am), there are 2 reports of Mexican citizen that they went to buy panic stuff to walmart El Centro and they are suspects of covid19. We dont really know if its fake news just to create more panic.

    We are working normal shcedules, schools are normal, daycares the same, its just like there is no pandemia or the pandemi cannot hit us. But hey, we are at Mexico lol.

    About ingress, just making solo ops, there are only 4-5 active players in my city(not smal city, we have about 2200-2500 portals density) so we can plan solo ops pretty well.

  • Governments are struggling to make effective decisions in this crisis.

    Travel restrictions, events prohibited, hospitality industry compulsory closed ... 

    Niantic cannot focus solely on one country.

    Their playerbase is not limited to one or a host country

    Maybe in May the situation in Germany is ok, but what about Belgium, the Netherlands ...

    So be patient, it is for a humane purpose.

  • There is very little activity in Eastern Europe since the national emergency was announced. The news try to keep people calm, however you can sense the tension and panic in the air.

    It can be a safe bet that there won't be any events in the near 2-3 months, just to be safe.

    Unfortunately the situation will probably get a lot worse before it gets any better.

    Take your health seriously and don't underestimate the situation.

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    Oh absolutely.

    I think I wanted to make this topic just for a checkpoint for everyone. Ingress is perhaps one of the only games to really make me see how other countries function.

    It's interesting how Niantic is providing gifts and info for people to still place the game passively. I think it's hard to provide something equivalent to Ingress because a lot of the game requires activity. I'm definitely not trying to even request anything with this.

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