Removed Portal Appeal and Location Edit: The Parramatta Cultural Centre Plaque

Category: Portal Removal Appeal and Location Edit

Title of the Portal: The Parramatta Cultural Centre Plaque

Location: (-33.811026, 151.004172)

City: Parramatta, NSW

Country: Australia

Above is a screenshot of the original location edit rejection. Below is the illustration of the location edit back in August 2019.

The location of the portal in question was actually in the incorrect spot on the wrong side of the river.

Here is a screenshot of the old location on Streetview at 333 Church Street, which is currently a construction site/display suite:

Here is the actual location of the plaque, on Streetview at the Riverside Theatre:

The actual location should be -33.810452, 151.004574, right underneath the Riverside Theatre awning. Here is a recent photo taken Feb 24.

When the portal location is not sufficiently reviewed, this can cause uncertainty in the portal's existence, when it is just poorly located. It was unfortunate that the current position of this plaque's portal was in a construction site, resulting in its removal and hindrance to mission completion.

Please restore the portal, and move it to it's rightful location. Thank you.



  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence submitted, we’ve decided to restore and move the Portal in question to correct location.

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