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I’d like to bounce something off all of you. We have a really good cross faction community here it’s working hard to build even First Saturday participation. We are all extremely competitive the rest of the time but for first Saturdays were trying to do you something different. One of the awards given out is for trekker, another for highest AP gained. Here’s the issue- everyone walks except one carload of agents who drive. They claim physical limitations requiring it. We would overlook it, however - they spend the hours tailing agents on foot. It’s impacting the play experience for the agents on foot who can’t even fill a portal with resonators, forget about build anything. This past month the winner of the highest AP and trekker was, of course, one of the people in the car. The current prevailing opinion is that it’s not against terms of service and everybody can drive so if we don’t like it, we can drive too. We’re trying to build a good First Saturday, with an eye to maybe hosting bigger things in the future, is there anything recommended? Is there a reference for first Saturday etiquette? I’m sure others have encountered this in similar situations I like to hear how you handled them. Thanks in advance!



  • Have your people use the car team to their advantage. Instead of trying to fill portals, just capture the same portals repeatedly as they get neutralized. That's 675 AP per resonator deployed to their 75 per resonator destroyed. With luck, you can bounce the car around the play area as the car team wastes time seeking more efficient targets.

  • Why dont you make IFS on a non access car?

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    Physical prizes are made up by the local organization of iFS. Just made up a rule and don't award those peoples.

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    If you didn't give out prizes then it doesn't really matter who comes in first.

    If you are giving prizes then you can make up your own rules as to who is eligible.

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    In my area the AP winners are the people who stock up on R1 beforehand, and spend their time spamming out resos in areas where the other team is bursting. I'd be grateful if your car team followed me. (One month the AP winner was one of the check-in staff who spent the entire period on a barstool.)

    We often have the opposite -- small roofed-over areas near portal clusters naturally attract xfac clumps of agents staying out of the rain, and the best AP is the perimeter where the rain-averse can burst but not capture.

    If you want to build and field, go to areas out of reach of the car. Organizers can support that by putting the event near large parks, for example. (If there is a natural boundary such as a rail line, river, or cliff, you can key-farm and link portals on the other side ahead of time.)

    As for Trekker counting car travel -- just make an award for Trekker on foot.

    As for the rest of the prizes, it's fair and reasonable to limit the number of prizes the same person can win. "AP Winner: JaneDoe with 681,256. They won in February, so the prize goes to second place, JohnRoe, with 565,434." (Just publish your criteria ahead of time, if folks in your area might question objectivity.)

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