portal photo appeal - hubcap sphere, houston tx

category: portal photo

title of the portal: Hubcap Sphere

location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=29.778417,-95.397459&z=17&pll=29.778417,-95.397459

city: Houston, TX

There is a walking path park along Heights Boulevard in Houston Texas with 8 designated locations for art sculptures. Each March they change out last year's sculpture and put up the new one. It has been a challenge keeping these game portals up to date because when new photos and edits are submitted, Niantic routinely rejects them.


This portal photo was submitted of the new 2020 artwork at this location and quickly rejected. The photo currently in system is from artwork that was at this location in 2019 but replaced this year.

current photo:

rejected photo:

GOOGLE 360 STREET VIEW OF MARCH 2020 showing what is actually here!!! the new artwork

As an aside I put in a title edit to try to better reflect what the item is, but those are reviewed separately.



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