[BUG] Cant create outgoing links and scanner does not give error ?

This bug i dont know when started but me and a few in local groups have trouble that when you want throw a link from a portal and its clear nothing that overlaps or anything that should prevent you from create a link you get no portal that pops up from link view even though you have the key, portal is linkable but scanner shows nothing.

Sometimes it helps restart scanner or throw key to ground and pickup but as of today i got the bug and could not throw the link, iitc said 6 outgoing so its strange scanner refuses show up the portal that should be able to link to..

Can u look into this niantic? @NianticBrian

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10+

App 2.41.4

OS Android 10 One UI 2.0


  • same here (sony 10 plus). Seems since the server migration (but some agents say, it happened before as well), the linkable target portals doesn't work every time as expected. XM?: sufficient, Crossing links?: not there, Outgoings?: still some left, portal level? sufficient for the 116 meters, target portal key available? yes. All checks lead to a potential Bug. Please check

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Been seeing this issue again more frequently since the last update. For both short (5-100 meters ) links and long (500+ km) links.

    For the longer ones, even putting away all keys except what I planned on throwing doesn't always help. Sometimes you have to keep restarting your app over and over and over and over until it suddenly realizes that heck yah that links works! Let's try it out! Also for long links, sometimes just having your app open for an extended period of time, trying to link over and over again will eventually have the scanner realize that oh yeah this link might work and even give you the option to throw it.

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S9

    App 2.41.4

    OS Android 10

    One UI 2.0

    Kernel 4.9.186

    Security Update: Feb 2020 Release 1

  • Same thing happening here. I have keys and a clear line but no links available. Zero outbound links. If I go to the portal I was trying to link too I can link back to the original portal.

    Just came across this in a fielding op. 50% of the portals would link back where as the other 50% would only link out. Thrown this combination lots of times before. Deffo a bug.

    Pixel 3

    Android 10

    Kernel 4.9.2

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Still a ongoing problem...really frustrating when u are out and nothing happens...

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