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Many honest players in our city abandoned the game due to cheating when accepting portals. How does cheating happen? The enemy in our country has a chat system through which only their faction portals are coordinated. I was in both, so I can say that. First, the portal is served in a secret chat, then the portals are checked against what is in the system. If the portal is in the place of the enemy agent’s residence, then such a portal will never be accepted, but in the places where "their" agents live, each playground is served. Also, agents of the opposite faction from neighboring cities know which portals cannot be moved and which portals cannot be accepted in my city. This, in turn, helps to move the portals closer to the roads, sometimes even 50-100 meters. Further, many agents have a script that helps them obtain information about the model of a smartphone from a photo. It also helps to understand where your own and where is the alien portal. There is a suspicion that many agents use green and blue accounts at the same time, to accept only the necessary edits, such accounts are either bought or pumped in other cities. Because of this, many portals are not in their places, many portals of which are not in reality, many portals are placed closer to the agent's place of residence (sometimes even the portal is divided, and is presented as many portals). Again, only residents near some houses have access to many playgrounds, for these residents, any agent who comes into their yard is immediately "a drug seller, a pedophile staring at small children, or just a person invading the private property of residents of the yard" .


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    Hi @GreenVam

    About the selection process: I think it is difficult to manipulate the selection process, as the system most probably selects reviewers from both factions from all over your country, sometimes even in other parts of the world (not just your city) to review the portals. Although I can't rule out that a country-wide well organised communication system could tip the scales in one faction's favour a bit. But if a completely ineligible portal does get through, you could present them to Niantic support (see below).

    About the photograph: I understand that Niantic has stripped the metadata fields from the photograph prior to further processing in Wayfarer (it was a thing last year, and they fixed it). No one should be able to identify phone models anymore. (edit: can anyone verify if there are other means, like unique photo resolutions?)

    About the location edits: bought accounts and multi accounts: those are serious accusations, and you'd have to get solid evidence to make a case against them. When portals are in their wrong location, you could try to move them back through Wayfarer and make 360 spheres to prove to future reviewers it need not be moved again. If that fails, you can appeal those decisions you see are wrong in the "Portal Appeals" section of this forum with good photographic evidence (again, 360s do wonders).

    I'll skip the part where you are receiving slurs, as I don't have information on the real-world location or your own behavior at the time.

    You could also use this form to report Wayfarer abuse if you really think there's foul play going on in your city.

  • With pogo participationg this is very hard to acchieve, its not just Res vs ENL on OPR. If you could provide some examples of your nominations would be great.

    About multi-accounting to "approve" fake edits, I would say that, when its not impossible, its very hard and tedious, its not like, you will prompt the portal you want to edit or approve in the first try, or even the first 50-100. I have 2 wayfarer accounts, one for pogo and one for ingress, and there is no way I would go to my pogo account to accept my portal, do people really do this? Use many accounts a day to review portals? I mean, when you could possible do 500 reviews per day, you would only be makin 5 with 100 reviews per day? Too lazy for that.

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