Victoria, BC, Canada (2020-04-26): Mission Day Information

This thread is for discussing the Victoria, BC, Canada Mission Day on 2020-04-26. For more information, see the event page at


  • Really disappointing it isn't being held on Saturday, 25th instead. As unanimous crossfaction feedback both locally and from nearby communities supported doing so as we're on an island which is expensive to travel to and stay on if visiting from off island (ie from Seattle or Vancouver) and the Hexathlon is so short with minimal required involvement.

  • the event page still says April 25 at the moment so perhaps there is still hope :)

  • MXXWMXXW ✭✭✭

    We have an X-FAC telegram chat set up here for all things related to both the Hexathalon on April 25th and the Mission Day:

    Join and ask all the questions about either event, where to stay, what to do etc...

  • MXXWMXXW ✭✭✭

    UPDATE: The Victoria mission day is April 25th so same day as the Hexathalon.

  • Very happy to see that go through! Hopefully the initial post was just a mistake.

  • MXXWMXXW ✭✭✭

    Update: Victoria's Mission Day and Hexathalon were obviously cancelled/postponed (along with all other events) due to COVID-19.

    We look forward to welcoming visitors at some day in a distant post-vaccine future.

    Stay safe and well!

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