[Bug] Portals in Frozen State during First Saturday March 2020

During this month's First Saturday event, we encountered several portals that got stuck in a specific state. This behauviour hasn't been observed in previous First Saturday events, so we believe it's a new bug.

The two videos below show the same portal "Höhenfestpunkt Durlach" (https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=48.999644,8.467029&z=22&pll=48.999632,8.467039) from the perspective of one Res agent and one Enl agent at about 15:00 UTC on March 7th,

Enl Agent: The portal looks to be green. But when the Enl agents wants to recharge, deploy mod or resonator, the portal suddenly turns blue while it still looks green to other agents and also looks green again to that agent after restarting the scanner.

Res Agent: The portal looks to be green, but firing bursters cannot harm it. Using an Ada Refractor results in the message "Target Portal already aligned".


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