Please give edit appeal the same upgrade feature

TabrisJTabrisJ ✭✭
edited March 2020 in Wayfarer (Archive)

Because of the lack of responsibility and the abuse of PMG players, lots of fake location portals were created by upgrade system in my country. Edit response are getting slower since old scanner retired. I submitted lots of edit appeal about 6 months ago and get No response at all.

Since we have upgrade submission, why not make edit appeal able to be upgraded? Make people able to fight with cheaters. Don't make us disappointed again and again.


  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Or at least show us a page of every edit we make, allowing us to cancel them.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    So many ways edits could be "fixed." One of my first edits was to fix a portal incorrectly placed over 200 feet away - outside of the park and on the other side of a busy road on train tracks with absolutely no safe pedestrian access. Over 6 months later, it finally got denied because 3 other people had put in similar edit requests.

    I walked daily through a sculpture park to work on Glyph hacking. After finally hitting level 12, I was swamped with location and title & description edits - I honestly couldn't have answered a single one correctly without being on location.

    A friend made a PoGO Stop nomination that she ended up upgrading since they take 3 months minimum for approval. I helped her take a picture that clearly shows a mural maybe 5 feet inside the main door. Finally accepted after almost a month upgraded, it was moved incorrectly to the middle of the building, blocking it by another Portal/Stop from coming into PoGO. She has no way to access it, and Support is unwilling to help since it isn't in PoGO, despite being in the wrong location. I put in an edit request, but I don't expect it any time soon as we have local edits unresolved after a year.

    Frankly, edits should be reviewed by a larger pool of reviewers to prevent bogus coordinated S2 cell manipulation.

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