Nerfed Restock Portal?

The restock portal in OKC First Saturday gave us 2 common shields, 50 L8 Bursters, 20 L8 Power Cubes, and 22 L8 RESOS. I know we “used” to get one of each virus and a hyper cube, can’t remember what else but I was disappointed with this output. Was it only OKC or is this a new change? @NianticCasey


  • artemushartemush ✭✭
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    I didn’t get shields! I got 23-ish L8 power cubes, 56 L8 bursters and I thought around 40 L8 resos but maybe less. Only 3 types of items. Definitely different than other FS restock portals that I’ve hacked.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Cubes, xmps and res, all R8. Not sure on the portal shields. I missed getting a screen shot. Just lot less items than normally and noticed the lack of flip cards

  • Given that viruses don't dupe in quantum capsules anymore I thought that giving out one of each every First Saturday was a great idea and good motivation for players to attend who might not otherwise.

    The double AP is nice but if you're not leveling, there's nothing in yesterday's restock portal that you can't get from a farm.

  • There were definitely no viruses included in yesterday’s restock portal for Schenectady, NY. I did not get a screenshot of the hack, but here’s a screenshot of the gear output from First Saturday in February, held in New Haven, CT as a comparison.

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    That's sad, but is more accurate. Who waste ada/jarvis on IFS? The restock should just restock, so more xmp and resonators is more accurate. It should have more variety thou.

  • It should also be a motivator for agents to sit after First Saturday us over and break bread together. Without anything special in the restock portal, no reason to stick around and socialize after you check in unless you just wanna. I think it’s one of the aspects that brings people to the event.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Maybe reduce the waiting time for the restock. Because if we knew we could probably make a lv8 crossfarm there and restock more itens in that half hour...

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    The restock portal was very poor...

    Before March, the restock was very interesting.

    Now the players was so sad, to stay 30mn for this...

    The restock portal is very important for creat social link between the both faction. We stay and take a daring with all people after FS just for the restock portal. It's really important for a good XF. We talk of all and nothing in this time...

    Players say if now we don't have virus, we don't make FS.... So many km, it's not free to come.

    Please make a restock normal ! With virus. It's so complicated for drop this. In the event x2 drop virus, I take only in 1 or 2 day, before nothing... and all players who I speak here say the same.

  • No word on if the output will include the viruses or not next month, but here's a (possible) reason for why they were removed this time.

    Maybe @NianticBrian can confirm.

  • If there will be no more virus on the portal restock they should change the time of the restock start, waiting 30 mins for things we could hack anywhere its pointless. We probably got lot more gear by hacking the portal waiting to the restock portal to go live.

    My community is dying, with those changes RIP to IFS in my town, people just lost interest playing, the old restock somehow managed to get people on IFS to get some good gear to express farms, but now?

  • montitchamontitcha ✭✭✭

    The restock portal was very poor !

    The players was very sad...

    So before March, the restock was interesting!

    The virus don't drop so much...

    Don't forget the super hack of restock portal was a big thinks for all people stay a moment after FS and take a beer or other in the same table ! They staying for restock and to talk of something, it's a really good thinks for social link...

    Please don't forget the new players too. They don't have so many items...

  • Fev Games IFS-UN was told that the restock output change was not permanent, so next month should include the viruses again.

  • LynoocsLynoocs ✭✭✭

    I'd rather not have VR items easily accessible at FS. It encourages multiaccounting to get more of them since it doesn't require the users to be registered.

  • I wouldn't want to deal with this Youtube comments section simulator on my day off, either.

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    Good to know that the nerfed restock portal people were grumpy about is only a temporary aberration.

    But again, why was this on Twitter and not also in the so-called official forum? It's an uphill battle to get people into this forum as it is...

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