Since last patch i cant enter the game.


I delete and re instaled, erase cookies, everything and nothing.

Redacted was better.


  • The first step is to tag your post as a "Bug Report," "Feature Request" or "Gameplay Feedback."

    Additionally, when reporting bugs, please use the below format:

    Summary of issue:



    App Version (Settings > Scroll to the bottom)

    This is what they are currently asking for on new posts..however if you go into the "Release Notes" section or post in the "App Feedback" Section (with the required tags you may get a response) and the latest version number post 2.41.4 you'll see loads of us have iPhone related app crash issues...come and join us there.

  • i have to tag and give info to lazy woman?

    Android 5.5

    Moto E2

    Last version of prime

  • @SrGillespie I have no idea who you are referring to as "lazy woman" but this is just rude.

    Copy your details onto the current release notes thread so the appropriate people can help.

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