Operation: Neocortex 6 HCF over Texas

Operation: Neocortex

After weeks of planning and keyfarming, six agents of the Midland/Odessa Area Resistance (MOAR) came together to build a six-layered homogeneous field over Midland, Texas.

Jan. 15, 2020

Plan Drawn and double checked by @DuneGreystone 

March 6, 2020 

08:00 - Agents @DuneGreystone and @sunyu took out all remaining blockers so initial throw by @Losifer026 could be made.

8:30 - All involved agents met up for breakfast and briefing/key distribution. @TheWhiteRabbitt and @TheIndigoRose head to the Western Sector together, while @DuneGreystone & @JTRealMan  head to the Southern Sector.

9:30 -  Agents split up to go start their assigned throws.

13:30 - All internal links made, @TheWhiteRabbitt and @TheIndigoRose head up to the north portal to throw the last 32 links.

13:50 - Last link thrown, Op: Success

With Fields turned off:

Here's a video of it being built:



Portals used: 124

Links created: 366

Control fields created: 364

Longest link: 17.29 km

Shortest link: 2 m

MU captured: 321,933  MU

Jarvises used: 5 

Build time: 4:20

Involved agents: @DuneGreystone @JTRealMan @TheWhiteRabbitt @TheIndigoRose @Losifer026 @Sunyu

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