Future Anomaly Sites

I understand the need for anomaly sites to be relatively in expensive, however it seems like it is the same cities over and over and over again. It would be nice to see sites in states/countries, that have never had an anomaly. When looking at sites, I look at how many times Ive been there and the chance for uniques and banners. I'd be willing to pay more to get somewhere that I have never been before. I'm sure the agents from cities that have hosted 3+ times would agree because it is a lot of work and time to help plan these things. Give someone else a chance.



  • @d0gboy I definitely understand the destination cities. Couldn't be happier for Sacramento having theirs in October because they want it so bad & it's a beautiful time of year.

    I also do not like the one day series, especially when it is a day that is difficult no matter where it is at.

    This might stem from my desire for onyx explorer. Jusr saying there are other places that have not had the chance to show us just how awesome they are when some places really don't want a 5th one.

  • I agree, it's always seems to be the same cities hosting anomalies. I've even noticed that some countries can get two, three, four etc anomalies per year, whereas in Ireland, North and South, we've only ever had three anomalies since the game started. We actually haven't had an anomaly on the island in the past two years, which is a little deflating as we have dedicated and passionate communities. In the past two years the only official Niantic events have been FS which isn't really the same.

  • There must be a high enough portal density to have an anomaly. You don't want to run around in the entire state of Alaska just to get 400 portals do you?

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    In terms of UK anomalies, I think the recent ones have been Birmingham (Aug 2016), Belfast (Nov 2017) and Bristol (Mar 2019). So it was more than two years between anomalies on the UK mainland, and not quite two years since the last one on the island of Ireland (although I daresay there won't be one before the end of this year). There were three UK anomalies in 2015 so we were rather spoiled back then.

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