invalid portal: rode eekhoorn

Category: invalid portal report

Title of the portal: rode eekhoorn

Intel link:,4.841013

City: Amsterdam

Country: The Netherlands

Rejection email ID: QohJ2EtGLVJAn0jTGyaFpc7qXKgHHhgRzvwmgP3QyMI=

Portal photo:

Google maps photo Park Zwanenburg:

Google maps photo of the location at Nieuwemeer:

So the portal photo was taken 7 km away in Park Zwanenburg and submitted along the shore of Nieuwemeer. This portal should be removed since the sign does not exist at this location.



  • vke123vke123 ✭✭✭

    +1 for removal

  • Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence submitted, we’ve decided to retire the Portal in question.

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