Recieved a media but can’t decode it

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I received this media last night, but because I only have my iPhone and no actual computer I can’t do anything with it.

heres the link:

I only ask that you let me know what it says after decoding it. It might help someone out, or just give them something to do.

Either way have fun, and please let me know what it says afterwards.

Thank you.

P&TC (Peace, & Take Care),



Anyway I saw this this when I zoomed in


  • There are at least three codes in there but they are all fully redeemed. The first, AKV72PATTERN774DR along the top. isn't really hidden. The second, omb68aura335cg that you found, and a similar one, puf75meta528gx along the torn bottom edge of the image, are easier to read with a steganography tool. I used this one on my phone:

  • @geoffenator Thank you, & thanks for the link.

    ill add that to my favorites Incase I get another one of these.

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