[Feature Request] Total count of item in inventory (including those in capsules)


i am proposing to add an additional counter to items in inventory. E.g. i have 1 key to charge a portal. But i have few more keys in capsule/key locker just to save space or to multiply them. But the question is how much in total i have them? The answer is this proposal, the additional counter shown next to current item count.

My proposal is to show something like x2/13 where the 2 is a count of items in inventory (not including those items in capsules/key lockers/etc.) and the 13 is the total count of all items including those in capsules. Also a 13 would be smaller to indicate that it is less significant. Something like math's power ("2" to power "/13"). i don't know how to properly format this with MD.


  • It's perfect idea 😁👍

  • panfolekpanfolek ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    Brilliant! The feature you describe here would significantly improve tbe gaming experience for lots of us. Thumbs up!

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