portal photo review appeal - Trail of Art, Houston TX

category: portal photo review appeal

portal title: Trail of Art

location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=29.782733,-95.397555&z=17&pll=29.782733,-95.397555

Houston, Texas

There is a walking path park along Heights Boulevard in Houston Texas with 8 designated locations for art sculptures. Each March they change out last year's sculpture and put up the new one. It has been a challenge keeping these game portals up to date because when new photos and edits are submitted, Niantic routinely rejects them.

This portal photo was submitted today of the new 2020 artwork at this location and instantly rejected. The photo currently in system is from artwork that was in place years ago and has been repeatedly replaced. Even looking at the street view which shows last year's artwork its obvious the dog photo is no longer accurate, one can look at this location through different years on street view and see the different sculptures at different times.


submitted and rejected new photo of 2020 artwork

“Dodecahedron” | the 600 block

"****’s True North 2020 sculpture, “Dodecahedron”—a 12-sided polyhedron with pentagonal faces of translucent acrylic glass, with paintings of celestial imagery, specimens and geometric orbital patterns—represents space or ether. “From the smallest particle to infinite galaxies, all things are interconnected via Sacred Geometry; the harmony of space,” says Vincent."

existing, very out of date game photo circa 2014

current google street view from July 2019



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