Agreement ratios and numbers.

When I look at my agreement ratio, I think we get quite a lot of bad stuff in. I am pretty new here. 180 ingress days old tomorrow, like 2 months wayfarer.

Total Nominations reviewed: 519 - I really want a number showing how many of these has reached a decision.


Accepted: 159

Rejected: 39

Duplicated: 7

So out of my agreements = 205 I have rejected 22.5% in consensus. That is quite a lot I think. And I likely accepted a few too many. Would really like to know if I am in disagreement with the other 300+ ? Or if they are just in the queue.

We need a way to increase quality of submissions. And we need to make it easier to get bad portals removed, and penalty to the cheaters. Quarantine from submission, maybe game quarantine. Niantic should determine when things are bad enough for this. Say multiple fake portals in an area. Many questionable suggestions.

We have one area where a suspected spoofer got 7-8 portals around his home, using a PoGo player to submit his photos. He made Streetview photospheres, and moved a sign around on a thin steel stick, changed the print in the frame for each location. Reviewers should see that this is just a $5 picture frame from IKEA on a $2 steel rod (10mm Ø), and at least reject it as seasonal/temporary.

I have now changed my criteria to reject more. Having stricter requirements for Photos. Many dark photos here in the winter - And those I just reject. Used to be rejections based on generic business, did not qualify, clearly abuse/temporary.

I have also had a few perfectly good portal submissions rejected. Like a football field as being seasonal, building in forest that is used by all city schools on occasion as K-12 (It is on state owned ground, not city/school owned), and a Petanque playing field for not having cultural value.

I am one of those that want more portals off the beaten path, or outside city. So I accept semi-generic path-markers along forest trails if they are permanent. Still think we should open up a bit more outside cities.

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