Official GORUCK Club or Ingress Squad?

Hello Agents!!!

Many of you probably know about GORUCK Clubs. If you don´t, well a GORUCK Club is basically a group of people that enjoy Rucking, and do some rucking activities like trainings, workouts, challenges and events together.

On the other side, for Prime Challenges on 2018, some Ingress Squads were assembled to participate at these events and compete for OP: KoLan. RTB Teams were also formed on 2019 and 2020. And many of these still get together and do activities.

So, if you are interested in the upcoming TKO events, its a good idea to get in touch with people that is already Rucking in your area.

If there is no club at your city, you can always start one! No Squad at your ingress Community? just ask who is up to get together to do some Rucking and prepare for an event.

BannerRucks are great to see who is willing to take up a rucksack with some weight. Check previous Challenges from GORUCK, and try doing them. Create Rucking Ingress Missions for a specific distance.

We know there is a lot of Rucking Agents out there, lets get together more often and assemble new Clubs and Squads!


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